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Sydney Visa Office Processing Time

Discussion in 'Visa Offices in Oceana' started by nabeel.j, May 19, 2018.

  1. Hello,

    Does any body know the current processing times for PR from the Sydney Visa Office? Any information would be much appreciated.


  2. When did u apply?
  3. Hi, I applied on March 16TH and the file was transferred to Sydney VO on May 25TH.
  4. A mixed bag. I've been waiting since July 2017 and also have a criminal record (minor don't worry :) ) and expect a result in a few months. Others got DM between 5 - 8 months. Some still waiting since May/June 2017. The office is busy!

    Remember the time frame they have to make a decision is 12 months. Prepare for that or it will cause you sleepless nights.
    In other words don't plan to much before the 12 month mark in case they don't make a decision early.

    Best of luck!
  5. we Applied the same day. A month later I got to know our file was transferred to Sydney for processing . Since then we haven’t heard from the embassy. I was hoping by now we’ll have gotten our visa but I don’t know what is causing the delay given the fact that lesser people applied from here.
  6. What sort of visa category did you apply for? And have you tried to contact them ? Also what types of crime did u commit?
  7. Family Class (Permanent Residence). My fiance is Canadian and she is in Canada now waiting for me haha. I have to overcome inadmissibility which will take about 3 months before my application for PR can continue. Sydney VO have agreed to hold my application while criminal rehab takes place.
    in 2011 I was charged with Careless use of a motor vehicle causing injury. In my country the charge or careless use is at the very bottom of the scale for serious offence but still have to go through criminal rehabilitation.

    I have contacted them various times and they only reply if its an urgent matter or if you reply to their emails - otherwise they will reply to you within 10 working days - that is if a reply to your email is required. They don't reply to emails asking for updates if your application is within the 12 month period
  8. Okay thanks for the info , our visa category is different. It takes 6months or less to finalise it, anyways, best of luck to us.
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  9. I've been waiting since march 2017. They received my application March 13 2017. I had an interview at Sydney office in March 2018 and received a pre arrival services invitation letter the next day. Because they have taken over a year to process it to that stage - They made me take a second medical exam because the first exam was expired, not my fault it was theirs. They have received my second medical results in June 2018. I have received no further correspondence apart from " your background check is in progress-we will contact you"
    It's now august 2018 and I'm still waiting. They have a disclaimer on their emails saying they are experiencing longer than normal processing times due to being so overwhelmed with new applications. I have no idea how long it will take them to reach a decision. It's a very confusing, slow and tough process that causes a lot of pain. Good luck
  10. Sorry about the wait and emotional roller coaster. If I may ask, what category of visa did you apply for?
  11. Permanent residency through spousal sponsorship - Outland
  13. Oh okay...I think it takes about a year thereabout to process. I’m also waiting on their waiting list. Just hang in, the visa will surely come soon for us.
  14. WOW! That is really bad, was yours a unique situation or is what is to be expected of the Sydney VO? I have also applied for Spousal PR Outland but was not aware it took this long. May be we will get the local MP involved.
  15. Mine is also same...my file is also transferred to sydney
    Have u received any update ???

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