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Super Visa to My Parent in Syria and chance (possibility) of getting

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by nyounaki, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. HI There ,
    I would appreciate if you have any information for below:
    Did someone has some information about the chance to get Super Visa for parents in SYRIA . I am in Canada holding permanent residence and would like to apply Super Visa to my parents to visit me , but I am afraid for parents who is residing in SYRIA will be very difficult now -or impossible - to get the super visa for SYRIAN because of current situation of the country .Specially they mentioned in their official document that they will consider :
    "......the overall economic and political stability of the home country.. "
    I would highly appreciate if anyone have experienced same case or have any clarification , any information would be appreciated .
  2. I know your post is old, but i'm gonna answer it anyway!

    My sister came here to Damascus, before the closure of the embassy, and provided all the documents (income, taxes..) and applied for my Mom for the Super Visa...it was super easy...My mom made all the medical exams they asked for, and before their response...My sister went back to Canada and bought a health insurance (it's the most important thing ) .
    So when My mother had to go their to give the embassy some papers..she handed the health insurance .. so they simply stamped her Passport with a visitor visa!

    Good luck

    P.S Now you have to apply via Amman's office, and don't forget the invitation letter!
  3. Thank you a lot Nora!
    I'd like to know what is the insurance company you went with?
    and I'm PR here shall I just apply online or will i need a lawyer to help me with the application?

    thank you very much
  4. If you need insurance you can contract me directly or visit my website www.stone-hedgefinancialgroup.ca
    I am a broker with seven insurance companies for super visa medical insurance

    I have dealt with clients from Iraq, Syria, Iran etc...

    You are correct there is more scrutiny due to the political instability in the country but that does not mean you should be discouraged.

    Good Luck
  5. Found this thread via a google search. Anyone else have luck with their Syrian parents getting a supervisa? What about dependent adult siblings? I'm losing hope my inlaws will ever have the chance to come :(
  6. This thread is nearly 6 years old. Not much chance of someone replying. You may want to start a new thread.

    BTW dependent children (adult or minor) cannot be included in a super visa application

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