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Super Visa Time Period - 2018

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Rajucanada2018, Sep 11, 2018.

  1. Hello,
    1 .I applied online super visa behalf on my parents on April 26, 2018 and i got received application confirmation next day.
    2. My parent got medical request on May 26, 2018 and they got further medical( Sputum test) request after one week. it took more than 2 months.
    3. My parent passed medical on last week(Sept.06, 2018) and it has been updated on CIC website too but till today it show" we are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements".
    I am very worry, Will they get visa or not?
  2. Health concerns due to TB are taken very seriously by IRCC. As your parents have passed the medicals/medical furtherance, it is a positive sign.

    There are other components for visa processing which can take time. You'll need to wait for their visa decisions. Don't worry
  3. Thank you Bryanna. I am worry because they had been declined twice for visitor visa from India in last few years. This time i have applied for super visa and taking long time. it is almost 6 months and medical has been cleared but till today it show" we are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements".
    How long i have to wait more.. Thanks again
  4. Unfortunately, none of us can tell you how long it would take to get their visa decisions.

    Medical furtherance for TB concerns can take more than 2-3 months. This is one aspect that has delayed the decisions for your parents. Processing time is non-standard in this case.

    Hopefully there are no background checks
  5. Thanks Bryanna, Please check this:

    Eligibility: we are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirement.
    Medical: you have passed the medical exam.
    Additional documents: We don't need additional documents.
    interview: you don't need an interview
    bio-metrics: we do not need your fingerprints
    Background Check: Not applicable
    Final decision: you application is in progress. we will send you a message once the final decision has
    been made.

    Except medical status, everything has same from first day. I have sent a lot time on paper work to file for them.
    I want to spend time with my parent and show them the beautiful cities and western couture.
  6. Hopefully they will get decisions in a couple of weeks now that they have passed the medicals
  7. Still today, no update at cic website.
  8. --------------------------------------
    Hi Bryanna,
    Today, I got passport request for my mother but i have not got request for father yet. with passport request, mother got medical check up at port of entry in Canada. is it normal process or .......?

    Thank you for advice.
  9. It's normal. Don't worry. Hopefully your dad will get a passport request soon
  10. @Bryanna
    Hey bryanna hopefully you can help with this.
    I applied for my mothers supervisa on june 15th 2018 online, file is now with NDVO.
    Its now been over 3 months when the processing time is 55 days.
    Ive checked the file online its been saying reviewing eligibility over 1.5 months now.
    For background check it says : not applicable.
    I have sent them an enquiry but heard nothing back.
    We didnt attach her medical, we assumed we would get her medical request by now.
    But havent received that either.

    Ang suggestions?
  11. ========================================
    No super visa without medical. they will send you request soon
  12. That's quite unusual especially considering she has not received a medical request so far.

    Just to clarify:
    1. Even though background check says not applicable, does your mom work in the defense services, police, judiciary, government department?

    2. When did you send the CSE?
  13. Noo she owns a boutique.
    Cse was sent about a month ago.
  14. There are probably no additional checks of any kind.

    I suggest you send another CSE + an email to her local visa office to inquire about the processing status and to request for an expedited decision.

    Give IRCC a week or so to reply to the email. If the status does not change after about a week then do order GCMS notes
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    Hi Bryanna,
    My mother got passport request. my father is still waiting for passport request. Does she submit her passport at VFS office. She is secondary applicant.

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