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super visa refused

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by Asfandyarwqli, Oct 12, 2019 at 12:09 PM.

  1. Hello, i have applied for my mother two years back for a visitor visa from pakistan didn’t know that time i could have apply for super visa too. I only apply for my mother only. She got refused as i didn’t provide income documents ticket proof etc. Now after two years i applied again with all the required documents under super visa and got refused.
    Refusal is paragraph 179 b states that i am not satisfied that you will not leave Canada at the end of your stay as a temporary resident based on your ties in and out of Canada.
    I am looking to apply again please tell me how can i address and remove this objection as i get a insurance as well so i have to decide either apply again or ask insurance company for money to get back.
  2. Your mother has to show her strong ties to her home country so that CIC knows she will return home. How did you get PR?
  3. I was sponsored by my spouse but i got divorced and never married then. I was divorced at mother first attempt as well. What kind of ties and how she can prove. My sibling back home studying and my father is doing business which i mentioned in forms.
  4. Where are you from? Is it a country where the asylum rate is high? Were you separated soon after arriving in Canada?

    Would suggest you order CAIPS.
  5. I am from Pakistan. I don’t know the rate of asylum but people claim. I got divorced after 1 year.
  6. There is nothing evident. Just checking that you got divorced 1 year after arriving in Canada. Do you have lots of family that lives in Canada? Would order CAIPS.
  7. Yes my two aunts (my mother’s sisters) are also here in Canada and and i did disclosed in the family information form. Pls let me know should i apply again or never applied.
  8. Would order CAIPS notes so you have a better idea why you were refused. You can decide after that.
  9. Did you get medical request before refusal?
  10. How can and where i order to get that report. No we didn’t get any request for medical.

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