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Super Visa online application

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by ohliuw, May 11, 2018.

  1. We are about to apply for SuperVisa online, but the person will be staying less than 6 months this time.

    If we answer "Visit - less than 6 months" (as opposed to "more than 6 months"), would this still be considered as a SuperVisa application?
  2. No, it will be considered as a TRV application
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  3. Thanks,

    So the plan is her to stay 3 months, but in order to get the supervisa, I should indicate that she will stay more than 6 months? And should put in the invitation 7 months period? It's just a pain to gather all documents over and over again in case she has to come again.

    Also, the goal is to bring her within the next 2 months, is it a good idea to do the medical upfront? If I recall correctly, when I sponsored wifey, the BKK hospital refused to do the exam without paper from immigration.

  4. IMO, these efforts and the expenses for the super visa application would be wasted if she intends to only stay for 3 months.

    Do keep in mind:
    The super visa holder is allowed to stay for up to 2 years ONLY on the initial super visa entry. Subsequent entries would be considered for a max. of 6 months = Same as TRV entries.

    I recommend she applies for a TRV instead of a super visa. And, when she is ready to stay for up to 2 years, she can apply for a super visa even if she has a valid TRV (in that case, her TRV will not be cancelled even if the super visa is refused).

    If you still want to go the super visa route, she can do the medicals upfront. This is allowed + there won't be any problems with the BKK hospital. It is a different situation for spousal PR because upfront medicals are not possible
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  5. Thanks for the info. I will consider your advice.

    Just to clarify, the following is true for tourist visa?

    - no medical is required
    - no upfront travel medical insurance
    - on 5257 We have to indicate that we are applying for tourist visa
    - the processing times are faster than for supervisa

    Thanks again
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    Medical is not required for a TRV unless the visa office requests it.

    No super visa medical insurance. That being said, it is always a good idea to buy regular overseas travel medical insurance to cover any emergencies when traveling abroad

    She would apply for a 'Family visit' and 'Temporary less than six months'

    Generally, yes
  7. I think one thing to consider is their financial position / employment and sources of income in the home country....

    If her income is a tricky position then a supervisa would be the best option because it relies on the host’s income

    A TRV would require her to show that she is strong financially....

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