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Super Visa after medical

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by newandold, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. Hi, I applied for super visa for my mom and after 2 days she received medical request. Please advise, which is the possibility of refusal after super visa. And if anyone was refused after medical request please share the reasons. Thanks
  2. Hi there, as there is no reply I assume that refusals after medicals are very rare. Hope my assumption is right :)
  3. The medical was updated on my CIC. When to expect passport request?
  4. It can take up to 1 month. Depending on how long it will take to process medical results. ))
  5. But the medical is already updated to passed, so it is already approved. Is there any cases for refusals after it?
  6. Mostly no, they usually check all the documents before sending medical request) Do not worry, you will get approval soon
  7. Thanks
  8. Hi,
    Please advise it is already passed 6 days after medical update to passed (Feb 1, 2017). How long does it take after it to make a decision or passport request for super visa (visa office Moscow).
  9. Status shows Medical Pass and do you know, how many days it will take for Passport request or do they ask for additional documents after Medical Pass ? Visa office New Delhi
  10. My mom received after 29 days, but the case was not in New Delhi visa office
  11. Online Status changed :
    We received your application.
    Medical Passed
    We do not need additional documents.
    Your application is in progress. We will send you a message once the final decision has been made. In help section, it shows '' We have reached a final decision on your application.
    If your application is approved, we will send you instructions on what to do next.
    These instructions will be sent to your account.
    If your application is refused, we will send you the reason(s) for the refusal.''

    I have not received PPR request and what should I expect from this update ?? Please help as I am confused.
  12. Paper based application or an online application? Month/Date of submission please?
  13. What is the month/date of your application? Also is it a paper based or an online application?
  14. Online Application... Feb 2017

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