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Study Permit Rejection

Discussion in 'International Students' started by mine14, Jul 13, 2019.

  1. Hi, did you receive your correspondence biometric letter before the rejection? What was the update before the decision of the VO to reject your application?

    And my advice would be, request for CAIPS so you will know the exact reason. What was your ielts score?
  2. Hi. Yes. I received my biometric letter before rejection. I didn´t submit my IELTS score because I just took the TOEFL, two days ago, but here, they don´t ask for your scores.

  3. When did you receive your biometric letter, and when was the rejection?
  4. I didn´t notice but it was the same day. Both have the same date, June 28th, but I received the biometric letter that day and the rejection letter this past Friday.

  5. You received rejection letter past friday you mean july 5 or july 12,?
  6. July 12th
  7. my cousin is 35yrs old with 12th passed in 2002 is there any chance he will get admission in any college

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