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Study Permit Refused (Re-applied) !!! Need urgent help

Discussion in 'International Students' started by priya875, Aug 7, 2019.

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    Hi My univ has told me to take admission in a college in canada as my marks are very low in 12th and graduation also 50% and 54% respectively


    At a quick glance of your documents I am afraid we would not be able to consider you for admission for 2020. This is primarily based on your math and English grades and your and the average you possess in your degree which is approximately in the 50% range.

    I would highly recommend should you be interested in studying in Canada to pursue a college diploma and then potentially transfer to the university once you complete that credential and meet the admissions average. More information about colleges in Ontario can be found at ocas.ca.

    " What should I do now dilpoma program requires same visa but I have problem creating the CIC profile consultant is giving me bullshit crap advice .
    Thanks I am 33 years old and have 4 years work experience .in bpo and digital marketing.
    varun kumar
  2. You need to contact various colleges and see if you can get admitted to any program. You get the visa after you get admitted, not before, so I don't know what you mean when you say "diploma requires same visa". If you can get admitted to a college, then you can apply for a study permit.
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  3. I am confused as the uni of guelph has said your marks arent good need atleast 65 percent in grad or I have to apply for a DILPOMA at a college and not a univ and in the last year give apply again and then apply again for student visa But i will already be in canada for the diploma I am doing have selected these
    2 colleges.
    Newnham Campus
    1750 Finch Ave. East
    Toronto, ON M2J 2X5
    question is will they accept me as I have 50% in 12th 2003 and BA I HAVE 54 percent in 2010 I am 33 and have emailed the first college but they will reply in 2 days time only. IELTS SCORE IS MAIN thing Financier is my brother mainly and my savings.Also are transcripts very imp my univ doesnt give transcripts to DISTANCE DGEREE GRADUATES?
  4. Your chances of admission seem low, but you never know. Yes, any college will want to see transcripts. IELTS scores are not the most important thing - it's your prior academic background, work experience, things like that.

    Are you trying to immigrate on a study permit? You don't sound like a student.. have you looked at the various Economic immigration streams?
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  5. well yes they are low but I will give a try for the accounting program am going to learn tally and go to a facebook friend from seneca college for advice also have to go to a consultant with the replies i get from colleges, but in this case when i submit the fees to a college tthen after wards the risk is there how about not getting the visa from cic will have to search other options too.
    Yes my brother is telling me to go for the studies there .
  6. What kpdegrees do you already have?
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    Bachelor of ARTS from KSOU univ its showing in WES CANADA LIST but this univ doesnt give transcripts http://ksoumysore.karnataka.gov.in/kannada/Pages/home.aspx also I am planning do do a diploma from LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIV it gives transcripts easily.I have confirmed no transcripts for distance degree students
  8. The issue you'll face is that IRCC won't believe that you are a genuine student. It's obvious that you are only trying to get admission to come to Canada to immigrate. You may have trouble getting a study permit.
  9. Congrats!!! Good luck with all your future endeavours.
  10. So how can i be a geniune student study tally course get some more tally work exp then apply for accounting /business diploma
  11. Sorry, I don't know how I can explain to you how to be a genuine student. I don't know where to start.

    You do know that Tally is very much an Indian accounting program and no one here will know about it? If you want to be an accountant, study accounting.

    Anyway, good luck with your endeavours.
  12. Thank you I still want to apply am selecting the colleges and courses lets see if all of them refuse or soe give admission too
  13. go to usa, fees is similar while restrictions are less.
  14. Also doing a diploma and getting 1 more work experience in digital marketing , a diploma from LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIV with 60 pecent is not going to help even with EXPRESS ENTRY permanent citizenship for canada
  15. Oh Yes, SOP is very much need. Just make sure it should be very strong.
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