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Study Permit refused based on your family ties in Canada and in your country of residence

Discussion in 'International Students' started by gio1234, Jan 18, 2019.

  1. Hello Guys, I am starting this thread for people (like myself) who have been refused and have seen on the refusal letter that:

    I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216(1) of the IRPR, based on your family ties in Canada and in your country of residence.

    want the experts and people who have received this in the pass and have gotten approval after this reason for refusal to give their opinion and ways to overcome this.
  2. Is someone from your blood relation is living in Canada?
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  3. who is he/she?
  4. If your mother lives there, why dont you just apply for PR as she can sponser you
  5. My 22 birthday just passed so she can no longer sponsor me as a dependent Child
  6. try to apply for visitor visa and say you want to see your mother for a month, maybe works. best way to get the VO approval is to be 100 honest and support it with documents.
    there is must be a way for you...search a lot
    Good Luck
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  7. Thank you very much for your advice, i actually did apply for a visitors visa after my refusal and was approved a 10 year visitor visa. I just came from visiting for 2 weeks . I want to apply for study permit again fro September 2019 but i am still nervous
  8. thats good... i hope u get the study permit
  9. Hi, I recently faced the same issue and got my student permit application refused. My blood relation relative includes my aunt, who is my custodian ( I filled in the custodian declaration form). I'm applying for undergraduate studies in Canada, what would you think the reason is behind my refusal? I mentioned my relationship in the SOP/LOE. Additional factors for which I was refused for was based on financial status, this may have been because my bank statements were not of the past 4 months and were in a different currency to CAD. I was also refused for purpose of my visit. Kindly assist me.
  10. Bank statement currency doesn't matter, i got my permit approved on 3rd may and i attached my last 3 months statement in INR and my file was processed in Ottawa, ON.
  11. Cheers for the quick reply! I found out that my statements were not of the last 3 months but a slightly older time scale. However, do you think the officer may have found issues in interpreting the bank statements as mine were in INR and include fixed deposit and savings for the past months.
  12. your application was under SDS or non-SDS?

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