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Study Permit got Refused due to not declaring prior immigration application

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Meheruna, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. EE is an expression and not visa application. They should not place any concern. I think may be u have applied for real visa in other countries and it was denied.millions of sp applicants all have EE and no one ever asked them for xplanation
  2. Hi Prith,
    I have applied my visa on19th July 2019 for MDES Strategic foresight & innovation .My visa got rejected due to the following reason:
    • I am not satisfied that you will leave Canada at the end of your stay, as stipulated in subsection 216(1) of the IRPR, based on the purpose of your visit.
    You are welcome to reapply if you feel that you can respond to these concerns and can demonstrate that your situation meets the requirements. All new applications must be accompanied by a new processing fee.

    I 'm taking deferral to re-apply for my student permit. It would be really helpful if you could share your SOP at vartika.rastogi9818@gmail.com & list of necessary documents.

    In the previous application, I have stated I had EE profile & is inactive. The sole purpose of the visit is to study. I have taken leave of absence from work & will rejoin after studies.

    Can u suggest after how many days its good time to re apply for student permit again?
  3. Hi,

    The reply they send you is not accurate, you won't be able to understand why they actually rejected you. You should get the GCMS reason, which has a detail of why they actually rejected you. You can request for GCMS through https://caipsgcms.com/ it takes like 1 month to get the reply from immigration office so it's better to apply for it soon as possible.

    For my work, i showed that the company already hired someone to work in my absence and i am training them. Just make some things up about that, they will never verify it.

    Give $75 to capigcms.com and they will make your SOP and LoE.
    I followed this guy format for SOP http://unnitmetaliya.com/sop-sample/
    and this format for LoE https://caipsgcms.com/download/Letter_of_Explaination_Based_on_CAIPS_Report.pdf
    You can follow this too, it will give you an idea about how to write it.

    Hope that helps
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