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Study Permit got Refused due to not declaring prior immigration application

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Meheruna, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. This is Meheruna Alam from Bangladesh. I applied for the study permit on 28th June and got refused within 3rd week.
    I have completed my graduation in CSE on 2007 and I have been working extensively with data analytics for last 10 years. I have been accepted & got admitted for the ‘Big Data Analytics-Graduate Certificate (1 year)’ program at Georgian College, Barrie, Ontario for the Fall semester starting from August 30, 2018.

    My application got refused due to 2 reason -
    First, visa officer informed that he was not satisfied with my application as he found not all question was truthfully answered, specially subsection 16(1) where I did not declared prior application to immigrate to Canada.

    Previously, I have tried to immigrate through express entry where I am in a pool but never received invitation due to low score. I have once sent an application to NB through online for provincial nomination but was never being invited. As a result I never got a chance to apply for immigration visa. However, it is where I was unaware and made a mistake not to declare it in my application as I was thinking that I never applied for the immigration visa.

    Second, tie with Canada and home country. And purpose of visit.
    I am a single mom and I applied with my 5 year old son. I have my mother and sister living with me in our own property at the capital city. I have adequate properties and showed more than enough liquid cash to support our stay. However, I assume this reason is aligned with the first reason.

    I am planning to reapply soon explaining my mistake. If anyone has any expert advise, please share. It would be great help.

    Thanks in advance
  2. This doesn't seem right based on what I read in other posts. Your EE profile is not an application. The question is whether you have previously applied. I wish they were clearer. I am in the same boat and anxious after reading your post since I am in the EE pool but haven't it in my study permit application
  3. Yes this is confusing. I never applied for the visa thus I did not checked the option while application submission. However, I think I should have mentioned it in my letter as well.
  4. Hi,
    My case was similar to yours, my visa was rejected first, I also didnt mention that i have an EE profile, also my fund was not sufficient in their eyes.
    In the 2nd try I explained them clearly about all my motivation and got the Visa. I will be leaving for Canada this August.
    Are you trying through an agent or by yourself?
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  5. wow.. congratz. I was so frustrated with my rejection. I am trying through IDP, my class will start on August 30th. IDP suggest me to reapply again and I'll do it by this week explaining all the situation. I think I dont have any issue with my fund. Can I message you? Need more advice from you.
  6. Doesnt sound like a proper reason for refusal, an EE profile is not an application to immigrate it is an expression of interest.
    It seems there is a poorly trained officer at your visa office. You might consider getting the caips notes if you have time.
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  7. From what I read, existing EE profile should not be grounds for refusal. VOs already knew it from the start the some are using SP to migrate in Canada. I also read somewhere that they have an active EE profile and got approved.

    How long did it take to get the refusal?
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  8. their exact reasoning was - my answer was not truthful under section 16(1) of the application and he is specifically not satisfied with my answer as I did not declared that I have prior application for immigration.

    It took 3 weeks to get the refusal.
  9. Once I sent an online application to New Brunswick but never got invitation for that. Could that be a reason?
  10. The application hasn't started since you have not received any invitation from NB. I suggest to get a CAIPS to get a detailed information as to why you got refused and address those on your next application.

    When did you apply and when did you received the refusal?
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  11. I’m anxious about this cos my application is under process and I haven’t disclosed my EE profile believing it’s not an application (it would be if I get the ITA). Should I provide this supplementary disclosure through the IRCC webform? The question categorically says “have your previously applied”.

    Gosh I’d be mortified if my application gets denied cos of semantics!! Do any of the senior members know a solution?
  12. Did your visa get approved?
  13. Whenever we make Express entry profile we got UCI unique client identification. Must must put it in uci box. Otherwise it will be considered hiding intentionally.
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  14. Hi ,
    Iam also having same problem.It would be great if you could share your answer about disclosing EE profile & convincing statement you added.

    It would be really helpful.
    Thanks in advance
  15. They just want to see if you are transparent with them. For me, I just shared them the details of my EE profiles, like how many EE has expired and how many were canceled, and that I obey the law and clearly understand and will follow Canadian law. Also, mention them your intention to study has nothing to do with EE, your sole purpose is to study and nothing else and applying for immigration don't collide with your studies in anyway.
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