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Study permit from kenya Visa office 2020

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Antega, Dec 31, 2019.

  1. Anyone available to share his/her timeline? Please
  2. Hi,I did apply on 13th Nov,medicals passed on 15th.Since then no update. I wonder what the VO's do so as to take such a long time while the processing time is 4 weeks
  3. Be patient.also i applied in 26th november till now no update. Which intake are you applying in?
  4. Jan intake but i'll have to defer to May intake
  5. That's fine. Till now no update?
  6. Sadly no update.On your side?
  7. they just send me email that my application is under proccess on 2nd december till now No update i don't know what's wrong or its just because many applications.
  8. I also think the applications were too many.However,they have taken too much time.This is my 8th week now
  9. I Applied on November 11, medical passed on November 18 and Bio metric completed December 02.... after that no response.
  10. Mine was on 13th.Why are they taking this long surely
  11. I donno why they are taking this long​
  12. Missed my registration on January 04. soo am forced to defer for May
  13. I also did defer to May
  14. I also did defer to May
  15. we will wait for there final decision when it comes

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