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Study Permit Extension

Jul 12, 2017
Hi everyone,

I came to Canada on the basis of study permit, in Fall 2017, with 2 year diploma but in my final semester i had 3 failed courses, and school says those courses are only available next year that will be on winter 2020. and my visa is expiring on July 31st.

and i applied for new program that will start in September 2019. that program is 2 years long, but i haven't graduated from my older program because of those 3 previous remaining courses that are not available till next year and i applied on the basis of new offer letter. wlll there be any problem in the study permit extension?

I applied for study permit extension on June 20, 2019. When can i expect the decision to be made? please share your profile and answer the questions to help me in this hard time, i really appreciate that!