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Study Permit Extension Delayed ( May 14th Application )

Discussion in 'International Students' started by bhalodi.dhruv, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Hey Guys,

    Want to check if anyone is still waiting for a decision on their study permit extension application with application date in May?

    I applied for my extension on May 14th along with my wife's open work permit extension and have not heard anything from CIC.

    Anyone else in a similar situation?

  2. Takes time for those who applied along with spouses.
    Call IRCC and ask about "Eligibility" passed or not.
  3. Even if the website does not show any progress? are they giving that information?
  4. Yes

    They did for me and many other people who applied for SP extension .

    Do give them a call tomorrow and check :)
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  5. Did you try calling ?
  6. Yup. Even the eligibility review is not yet started. Lol its been 90 days. haha!
  7. You applied along with spouse right?

    Were they in Canada too ? And extending as well ?
    Or it’s a new application for them ?
  8. What number did you call to reach IRCC? Any further information regarding the same will be really helpful as I applied for study visa for September intake, on may 11, 2019 and haven’t heard from them also didn’t receive biometric instruction letter yet.

  9. Where did you apply from ?
  10. Delhi, India
  11. Received today both the applications. This was study permit extension

  12. Hi ,

    Have you got any reply from Cic?
  13. Read above posts !
  14. Hi
    Have you got any reply ?

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