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Study Permit extension delay? May2019

Discussion in 'International Students' started by looking4answers, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. But as per IRCC call , you were approved right ?

    Call them again and tell them online status is pending .
  2. Yes the call centre people said it’s approved and they keep saying I have to just wait till it changes to approved . When July 30 comes will I have to leave the country ? Because that’s when my visa expires too .
  3. No , visa doesn't matter .
    Study Permit does .
  4. Any updates guys ?

    My application is still in "Reviewing Eligibility"
  5. Hi, I was looking in this forum Cause my application is still in submitted status. I Applied on may 15 for a study Permit extension (no sowp) i just call IRCC and they say is approved.
  6. On your online account , what does it say ?

    Still says processing ?
    Final decision ?
    Eligibility review ?
  7. Online account still says submitted
    Still processing
    No final decision has been made
    Still reviewing eligibility

    But again, IRCC agent said by phone it has been approved but papers not sent in the mail,

  8. After applying on May 8 and going through the same they
  9. Study permit Extension was approved yesterday .
    Submitted on May 15th
    Approved on July 19
    Correspondence letter received july 20

    Good luck to everyone

  10. Congrats !
  11. Is yours approved ?
  12. Any updates for study permit extensions ?
  13. Latest approvals for Study Permit Extension :

    Applied June 19 - Approved July 25
    Applied June 20 - Approved July 26
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  14. Thanks for updates keep this thread going guys!
  15. You got approved , now just enjoy the weekend ! :D
    Canada Dry*
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