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Study Permit Challenges for Nigerian Applicants

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Omofar, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. Please how does the status of eligiblity show how long one application will take to process, because I didn't see anything like that there, my own wrote, eligiblity is under processing, so... Explain more
  2. Hello Omofar,
    I have sent you a mail please earlier today. Please do get back to me thank you.
  3. You sent an epistle, not an email. I have not had time to read it, you will have to be a bit patient. I have a lot of work to do. But I will try to read it tonight.

    All the best.

  4. I’m a nigerian,I currently have a valid visit visa,i went to Canada in March this year and i tried to switch the status of my visa from visit to study but it was refused after 1 month. IRCC said i have to apply outside of Canada.

    So i took the bold step to return back to my country,I submitted my study visa application June 13th,2019 and it was updated immediately. I got my first correspondence letter july 11th talking about Biometrics validity.. Ever since then I haven’t heard from the immigration,it been up to 1 month since after the Biometrics validity letter.

    I haven’t done my medicals tho,the GCkey accountstill shows that I don’t need a medical exam.

    I am worried about my application, my school resumes September 3rd,2019.
    I applied to Fairleigh Dickinson university inVancouver.(private university)

    Please has anyone experienced this before?
  5. You will surely need a medical exam trust me ; they have just not sent you a form yet but you will need one . Is your eligibility and background still in process ?
  6. Both of them are still in process....
  7. But it’s crazy to experience this wait( 2months now) my visit visa just just 1month and 4days and it was approved immediately.

    I am just thinking i did something wrong for applying for study after previous visit.
    Dunno how these people think tho!!!
  8. The tim
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    Actually they don’t change until your visa is stamped .
  10. Yah
    But please has anyone been in my situation before?
  11. In most cases it’s like that , I’m still praying and waiting on mine , i have passed Medicals though and this is the 2nd month . Just be patient and trust God .
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  12. In your gckey, you'll see your status under review of eligibility, background check, medicals etc. Under review of eligibility you'll see either of these
    1. We'll send you a message when we start reviewing your eligibility
    2. We are reviewing whether you meet the eligibility requirements.
    If you're on number 1 they haven't started and it's going to take more time. At times it might be too much applications the vo has to handle, it might be a bad sign for you, or it might be the vo just forgot to update your status. Anyways if you're on number 2 you can be a bit relieved as you're more likely to get a decision sooner
  13. good day,

    please below is what i have been seeing on my application page since april and i am meant to resume by 3rd of September. what can i do?

    *BiometricsHelp - Biometrics
    -April 23, 2019 Completed.

    *Background checkHelp - Background check
    -We are processing your background check. We will send you a message if we need more information.

    *Final decisionHelp - Final decision
    -Your application is in progress. We will send you a message once the final decision has been made.
  14. in my case i have been on the second option since 7th of june. what can i do?
  15. Wait only wait. IF your application has passed the processing times you can send them a mail or fill a webform. (It doesn't really help as they rarely reply and if they ever do all they say is we're still processing or another single sentence). You can also request for gcms notes and that takes 30 days to get and maybe even an extra week. Just wait and pray. I have heard rumours that a vo can forget an entire application but I'm not sure of that, but in that case mailing them Should help.
    In the mail include your UCI date of birth application date and stuff like that.
    Also refrain from mailing them frequently as it may be viewed as desperation. Don't send more than 1 mail in about a month. Hopefully we'll get our visas before then

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