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Study Permit Application in Saudi Arabia for January 2020


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Sep 13, 2019
Guys my visa just got approved. Do i need to take an appointment from VFS for submitting passport for visa stamping.
There is no need to take an appointment.
Just walk in with the passport request letter and your passport. If you have proof of your biometric enrolment (a sticker or a receipt), take that with you too.
Congrats by the way!!


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Sep 5, 2019
Guys, i submitted my passport today to vfs. I had a question. I have applied online. when and how do i receive my letter of introduction?


Dec 24, 2019

I would like to ask you some questions about your application for the study permit.

I will apply from Riyadh as my husband working there, and this is my status i have received an offer letter from a college for diploma and already i was graduated from university from my home country.

Do i need to have an bank account with my name or i can use my husband's bank account?
How much i should proof to have for 3 people me and my husband and daughter?
Have you used an agent for applying or you did by yourself?
What papers they have requested from you and your husband?
What do i have to write for them in the explanation letter?

Sorry, i know those are a lot of questions but you know how am i frustrated for getting that visa.



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Sep 13, 2019
I have a question to ask you.
Have you received the offer letter for a PG Diploma or an undergraduate diploma? If for an undergraduate diploma, your chances of receiving a visa are narrow.
Having an account in your name is preferable.
You could check CIC website for details on required financial proof.
I applied by myself, most of them here did so.
I am a single applicant, other questions of yours do not apply to me.