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Study permit 4 months delay Fall 2018 intake

Discussion in 'International Students' started by Serha, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. Hello,
    I have applied for a study permit online from Iraq in May 2018, I still do not have any updates. I have completed case-specific enquiries many times but I haven't received anything rather than automated emails from Ankara, stating "It's in process". Are there people like me out there who have applied from the Middle East and got their visa or still waiting like me?
  2. Hello, though I'm not from the middle east neither did I apply from there but I consider your case to be similar to mine. I applied on 8th of May, 2018 from Lagos Nigeria and only got my visa recently on 31st August. Did you link you account online cos if you did, you may want to check that first to be sure it hasn't been updated. The second question is, have you done your medicals? Your response to these questions will help me to better provide you with more info on what to do.
  3. Thanks for the clarification. After my medical in June, my application was stuck in the "we are processing your application" stage. So like you, I use the IRCC webform to file an enquiry. I never got any response. So last Monday praying and trusting God, I had a very brief message on my online page which says "application/profile updated". I open the online account only to find there was no update. Then when I logged out and logged in again, the status had gone back to " submitted ".
    I took the initiative to message the embassy processing my application. Take note, I submitted in Lagos Nigeria but my application was processed in Nairobi Kenya. I used "status of 8th May Study Permit application" as the subject of the mail.
    Reminded them I still don't have a decision on my study permit application and that my school would resume on September 5th.
    The following day which was Tuesday, I got a response saying " Good day, thank you for your enquiry. Please note that we have finalised processing your application and the decision will be sent to the VAC in the coming days. We hope this information suffices. Thank you for the interest you've shown in Canada". I was a bit relieved by this even though my online account never showed any update after that.
    On Thursday, I got a mail from VFS saying my processed passport was ready for collection. On Friday, I went over and picked my passport and saw ma visa counterfoil neatly placed in it lol. Till I got to VFS and left, my online account was still in limbo. But after I picked my passport, I checked again, and it says "updated". Then later on, the status changed to "approved"
    On Saturday, I got a mail to check my account and when I did, my POE letter of introduction had been sent to me.
    I can tell how you feel with all this stress but believe me when I say you're not alone. You may want to follow my steps too and by God's grace, you would have your visa this week!
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  4. I think you should write this one more time. You could title it "URGENT: status of _ May study permit application" hopefully you'll get a response
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  5. Hello,
    Today I logged in my account and saw the status showing "application updated" then I quikly clicked on the review the application and saw the same thing "we are reviewing your application if there is an update or we require anything, we will send you email".
    Then I logged out and logged in again this time status showing "submitted" back again.
    Is it normal? Should I expect an update soon?
  6. Hi Serha,
    Glad to hear about the update to your application. If you remember, I experienced similar stuff. You can be sure to receive the decision on your application in the coming days! Kindly keep me posted.

  7. Hi there
    Im Nigerian too. Can you share your profile? Which university did you apply to? Did you write a SOP?
  8. I also applied on June 10th from Jordan which for some reason went to Ankara
    I also had a ghost update yesterday, then went back again to application submitted
    even if my application somehow got approved, I'm afraid i will not have enough time to attend classes since the deadline is september 11th, and i will not have enough time to send and receive my passport before the deadline
    its all because of this missed up processing system :(
  9. Hi,
    I applied to Memorial University of Newfoundland. It's a PhD programme in Management. Yes, I wrote SOP. What's your status?
  10. Hi,
    Really sorry to hear that. I know how annoying this is but just hope to get your visa first. That's the most important thing. You can always defer your resumption till the next opening. Cheers
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  11. Dear Justfesty,
    Today I received the refusal letter. I don't understand why they waited for 4 months to send me the refusal.
    The reason; I will not leave Canada after my study; -based on assets and finances.
    And based on my immigration status.
    My current country of residence is not my home country so I don't have any assets here, yet I demonstrated the sum of 65000$ in my account.
    Do you think that there are chamces if I reapply?
    My program was a master program at the University of Waterloo.

  12. Any updates??
  13. Thanks so much for replying and congrats with your application! I haven't begun my applications just yet. I'll apply for fall 2019 very soon for Masters in Management at Ryerson or UManitoba. Do you mind if I look at your SOP? I won't plagiarise.
  14. unfortunately no update yet. what about you?
  15. Hello Serha,
    Really sorry for the undesirable outcome to your application especially after the long wait. One would think a delay in decision for that long was going to swing the outcome in your favour...Normally, I will recommend you apply for your GCMS note so you have a full understanding on what led to the refusal. But if the reasons you listed were all stated in your refusal, then I think you have your pointers already.
    What you would need is to address the concerns raised in your refusal before submitting another application. I'll advise you not to allow yourself to be tempted into rushing to submitting another application until you have carefully addressed the reasons. Reach out to your Uni, defer your admission till the next convenient time.
    As regards travel history, I wouldn't know the countries you've been except you'll like to share but it can make or mar your application. For me, I did my Masters in the UK so I guess it prolly helped. I believe you have a chance for success with your next application.

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