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Student visa for Canada on the basis of Mechanical Degree

Discussion in 'Education' started by gohelyogesh, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Dear Team,

    My name is Mr. Gohel and I am from India. My date of birth is 3-9-1993. I scored 75%in my 10th Standard (SSC) and 47%in 12th Standard(HSC). I have just recently completed Mechanical Engineering degree but in that, I have 57 ATKT(Blockage). I want to do a Diploma course in Mechanical in Canada on student visa basis.
    Kindly let me know will it possible to get admission in any college or university of Canada. And also let me know how many bands(IELTS) will be required.
    please do email me on gohelyogesh@yahoo.com
  2. First point might be you completed a Mechanical Engineering degree and now you want to do a Mechanical diploma in Canada. You will need to show a good case how the diploma adds to your degree such as how does it even differ, maybe it does but that would the first challenge.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I have recently completed Degree. Overall there were 57 Blockages but have cleared them all.
    Uni or College in Canada can give me admission with these many ATKT?

    Should i do Degree or Diploma(i want to do Diploma because it will be easy for me).

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