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Still waiting on first Notice of Assessment 3 months later - is this normal??

Discussion in 'Canadian Finance and Taxation' started by dominokitty, Nov 25, 2017.

  1. I sponsored my husband to come to Canada back in 2015, but we didn't file his taxes until this year (he wasn't working, I didn't think he had to file with no income, so we ended up doing 2 years at a time this year).

    We mailed both of our returns at the same time (he couldn't net-file because it was his first time filing in Canada). I received my tax refund and notice of assessment 4 weeks later, but we're still waiting for his. December 1 will be the 16-week mark since CRA received it.

    The problem is, we're trying to buy a house right now and the bank won't approve us for a mortgage until we can show he doesn't have any tax owing. So we've been sitting here waiting for the NOA to arrive in the mail for more than 3 months already.... everything else is ready to go and we're getting dangerously close to losing out on our dream house. It's super annoying to say the least. Plus, he actually overpaid his taxes so CRA owes us a couple thousand dollars. Funny how they drag their feet on that but if we owed anything they'd be chasing after us... but I digress. ;)

    When we called CRA, they weren't very helpful. They basically just said to call back on December 1 (16 weeks after CRA received his tax forms) if it hasn't arrived yet. Is it normal to wait this long for your first tax assessment? Should we anticipate it taking even longer than the 16 weeks? And is there any way to check if it's been processed yet? I've been checking the mail every day for weeks and it's really stressing me out not having it here.

  2. Yes. As he filed it for first it will take little longer.

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