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stay outside of canada a year after staying in canada one year after PR

Discussion in 'Permanent Residency Obligations' started by successfinal, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Do i have to report CIC with the updated address in my home country as i leave canada given the fact that become a permanent resident last year
  2. You do not need to inform IRCC at all and are free to leave and come back keeping in mind the 2 out of 5 year residency obligation plus fact you need a valid PR card or PRTD to board a plane back to Canada.

    In fact probably the only time IRCC might see a home country address post landing might be if you have spent time outside of Canada and have to fill in a form that asks for addresses from previous 5 years such as a PR card renewal for example. Other than that no need inform anyone.

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