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Status Expired, Applying as Visitor

Discussion in 'Visitors' started by McBeaney, May 16, 2018.

  1. My PR application and BOWP were refused this week because of an incorrect noc code for one of my jobs in my job history section.
    I now have no status in Canada, as my working holiday visa expired last month.
    I am in the pool again waiting another ITA.
    In the meantime, I am applying to stay in Canada as a visitor. I have 90 days to do so.
    I am having trouble submitting my application online. In the questionnaire you must fill before the application, you are asked to state your current status in Canada. Actively attempting to restore status is not an option. But you must make a selection in order to move on.
    If you then upload your application form, it will not let you submit it because your status answers do not match.
    What can I do to correctly apply as a visitor? Do I have to do it on paper?

    Desperately seeking answers!
  2. Call CIC to do it properly, or go to a Multicultural Centre in your area.
  3. I think you have to apply for restoration of status instead, a different type of application. It looks like you are applying to change your status which doesn’t apply anymore as you are out of status. That’s why you are getting the error about restoring not an option.

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