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Starting a small business

Discussion in 'Business Immigration' started by Shams Tabrez khan, May 31, 2018.

  1. Small scale bussines in canada to do garment can invest of 30 thousand of Canadian dollar in invest after will invest more
  2. That's great. Go a head and create new jobs for newcomers !!
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  3. But r u in canada i want know that is it possible to settle in canada with an invest ment of 30000 cad dollar
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    do you have Canadian partners already identified for this business ? Are you already a PR ? 30000 does not sound much to start a business in a Canada.
  5. No i dont have canadaian partner and i have only 30000 cad dollar to invest in future i will invent more to 35000 cad dollar depending on my bussiness how it gain profit over in canada if there is chance by canadian ministries aur i want to tell minister ahmed hussain to give us a chance to established our small bussiness Inshaallah if our bussiness get succes i will invest more and give canada government huge profit in tax to make canada much stronger so gime me a chance to settle get pr and start my bussiness
  6. Invest in QSR food chain, 30,000 CAD be enough to start 1 restaurant. Better That way. Food and Medicine best business in Canada.
  7. 30k won't be enough in larger cities. Not sure why you think food and medicine are the best businesses in Canada. Restaurant business is very hard and pharmacy has also become much less lucrative for many unless you own a pharmacy that contains other high margin products. Would consider it a profession in transition.

  8. well, QSR outlet would do wonders in downtown area. 15000 CAD is all what you require to start & 15000CAD to support.
  9. Seems very low factoring in just commercial rent costs and the cost of basic commercial kitchen equipment but am not an expert. Perhaps your idea of downtown is different than mine. Also many new Canadians will not qualify for such a large business loan. Just want to provide some insight to those people considering starting a new business in Canada.
  10. well , thats the beauty of QSR rather thsn going with FSR.

    you dont require lot of equipments. QSR wins over FSR anytime.
  11. Hello,

    Me and my wife are having a Federal Express Entry PR for Canada. We are Indian Citizens. We would like to incorporate company in Canada having me and my wife as director and shareholder only. Our main concerns is as follows.

    1. Are we allowed to start business/incorporating company while having PR on Express Entry basis in Canada?

    Thanks & Regards
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  12. Hi ,

    You are allowed to get employed or you can employ people if you have Express Entry PR. There is no problem.

  13. Thanks for your valuable reply.
    I have perception that express entry PR is for those who are looking to work in Canada. For business incorporation a person needs to apply under investment visa, start up program or self employed program.

    Know as per ur opinion through express entry PR. We are eligible for doing business in Canada.

    Please correct me.
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    I am also working on PR from Mumbai.

    When i started with my procedure for PR, i had alot of confusions related to process, eligibilty & many more issues . then I started using references on this forum to clear them. My projected score is between 465-474. Hopefully I make it in October 3rd week Draw.

    Well to my opinion, if your score is about 450+ then apply through Express Entry, dont try on Start Up or Investor programme. 450+ CSR it means you are 90% done with your PR.

    Enjoy & write for further questions.

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