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Spouse work permit

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by ssonirocks, Oct 9, 2019.

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    Hello experts,

    my wife who is on study permit lives in Brampton and i am in Alberta on tourist visa. i came here 3 month back.

    Now i am applying for work permit online.

    since i am in canada i have to say we are living together.

    How can we proof that we live together.
  2. You aren’t living together if you are in Alberta and she is in Brampton. There is no need to say you are living together but it will appear strange that you are in Alberta. There could be concerns that you are possibly working or that you are not in a real marriage. Just so you know, spouses of international students are not guaranteed permits/visas.
  3. hello everyone i applied for my sowp with my infant’s visitor visa ...

    submitted - 25 september
    medical and biometrics passed - 26 september

    eligibility and background check is in process

    any idea when will i get my result ?? because from last two weeks its same eligibility and background check ...

    i applied my visitor visa with my husband january this year that was refused ..
  4. It can take many months to receive an SOWP.
  5. What's your update??

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