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Spouse sponsorship

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by JeressaM., May 20, 2019.

  1. Hi, just asking. Im sponsoring my husband from philippines. But im unemployed right now, i quit mu job before going home and get married, we have a 2 years old kid, born here. Waiting for september for his child care then i can go to work, im living with my family willing to help especially in all expenses. Am i gonna deny cause i dont have a job? Thanks.
  2. You won't be denied because you don't have a job, but you will be expected to show a plan of how you will support your family without being on welfare.
  3. great! Thankyou for the info. I will submit mu application now then, im little scared might denied
  4. One more thing, On the Generic application form for canada is for my husband ( principal applicant) to be filled up, just wondering should we put his parents on the dependants form or just me and our kid? Thanks again
  5. And should his parents need police clearance as well? Thankyou
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    In Spousal Sponsorship (Family Class) application, Parents are NOT dependents. Even in Generic Application Form for Canada [IMM 0008] form, they use the term 'dependent children'

    In Additional Family Information [IMM 5406], PA will have to declare their parents and siblings' information. If PA don't, then PA will lose chance of sponsoring them in future, if eligible.

    Parents will never be part of Spousal Sponsorship (Family Class) application. Their immigration stream is different. [See PGP (PR) and SuperVisa (Temporary)]
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  7. Okay okay. Very clear. should i put our child on his dependants even tho he's already with me here in canada?
  8. You have stated that your child was born in Canada. If child is Canadian, then they can't be part of PR application as dependant.

    They only need to be declared in Section B of Additional Family Information (IMM 5406) form. Include their Proof of Canadian Citizenship to make sure they will not be processed in this PR sponsorship application.

    PA's family configuration (Q3) will not include Canadian Citizens/Permanent Resident family members in Generic Application Form for Canada [IMM 0008] form as they are not eligible to be sponsored or issued PR visa.
  9. Great! This is so much help Thank you so much Hoping its all gonna be alright. Fingercrossed
  10. How long is the processing time? Thank you
  11. Spousal sponsorship takes 12 months for 80% of normal, complete applications.
  12. I just read the form earlier, some spouse sponsorship denied because they didn't declare their husband now, as her common law partner before they first arrive at canada? ( when they still not married ) is there any possible i will get denied cause i never declared my husband? Cause we've been in 6 years relationship before we get married this year. Little scared we not might approved, we have a kid here. I hope we can all be together here one day
  13. If you have been in a common law relationship (living together) for six years before marriage and you did not declare this person on your PR application, you are barred from ever sponsoring your husband as a member of the family class. There's no way around this, unfortunately. That's why you must declare upfront, even if it delays your application.
  14. Even if we didnt live together? Just an open relationship.
  15. If you didn't live together, then you were not in a common-law relationship.

    Common-law begins after living together for one year. If in the six years before your marriage you did not live together ever then you are likely not common-law before marriage.

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