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Spouse sponsorship problem with parents in China

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by chear, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. Hello. My first post here. First of all, thank you for the wonderful forum to discuss these difficult topics.

    We have a problem that we are trying to find a solution to. I am a Canadian citizen temporarily working in Japan where I met my wonderful Chinese fiance. We want to be together and are planning to get married soon in Japan. Her family is a bit traditional (rural area) and there is strong opposition to us being together. They want her to marry a Chinese and to live in China (and as close to them as possible). She wants to be with me and is even willing to go against her family to stay with me. We both feel that over time, the family will learn to accept it and be willing to at least talk to us properly. However, we are both in a foreign country and we cannot stay here for too much longer. When my job here expires, I strongly want to come back to Canada where and I want her to come with me by sponsoring her. So in order to sponsor her to Canada (applying from Japan), we need to start the application paperwork as quickly as possible.

    And here is the paperwork problem. She does not have some of the documents requested in the application, that being her birth certificate and her hukou (which we are still not sure is required if applying through Japan). The birth certificate might be obtainable but it requires the family hukou. There is also the problem of a police certificate which from what we can figure needs to be acquired by using a hukou. She went to university in a large city in China and transferred her hukou there although that was a few years ago and the university officials tell her that it expired and she needs to transfer it back to her family one (which of course requires the family one). We are travelling to China in the next few days to try to get some of this done but from the countless telephone conversations she had with various offices, it seems that it is futile since everything comes back to the family hukou.

    As you can figure from the above situation, we are not able to get the family hukou from the parents. Talking to them right now proves fruitless and we are sure they will not let her borrow the hukou. Her other siblings are somewhat more accepting but don't have much to say in the situation. Even if they were to agree to help us, they do not live at home (at universities) so are unable to get the hukou either. We are not sure if anybody has encountered a similar situation but we are looking for any advice about this. We wholeheartedly agree that it is best to settle things with the family but right now this does not seem to be going anywhere. We don't want to break ties with the family and we are willing to support them in the future. With the application processing times being around 8 months, we are afraid that if we have to wait much longer to get the required documents, we have to leave Japan before the processing can be completed. I can always go to Canada but we are afraid of her going back to China since in all likelihood her parents will do anything they can to keep her there.

    I'm sorry for the long post but any constructive advice would be much appreciated! We pray that everything will work out properly but we are going out of our minds with all the hurdles along the way.

    Thank you!!
  2. Have you met the parents yet? If not, maybe when they meet you, you and your fiancee will be able to win them over.
    If not, could you get another job, or continue with the one you have, and stay in Japan another year? If you married her, she could stay with you, or she could stay on some other visa. The longer you are married, the more likely the parents will be able to change their views. Plus if you live together in Japan, that is better than you being in Canada separated from her; it will also help to prove your relationship is genuine, when you do manage to apply.
  3. Or, can you live with your fiancee in China?

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