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Spouse Open Work Permit ( Sept 2017 - 2018 )

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Charan1990, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Do you have a job in NOC 0, A or B category ?
  2. yes I do have NOC B job
  3. Below is a list of the documents which I have compiled, based on what others in this forum have submitted. Everything may not be necessary, but might be helpful for the application. It may be missing a document or two, based on the scenario of application. But most of the documents are covered.

    Applicant list:

    • Fee receipt of application

    • IMM 5488E (Document checklist)

    • IMM 1295E (Outside Canada Application)

    • IMM 5645E or IMM 5707E (Family info)

    • Cover letter or LOE to consulate

    • Passport copies with all visa stampings

    • Bank statements

    • Upfront Medical proof

    • Birth certificate
    • Family and home country ties documents

    • Digital Photo

    Spouse List:

    • Invitation Letter / Personal letter

    • PGWP and Work Visa copy

    • Employment letter, stating NOC duties

    • Job offer letter

    • Pay slips

    • Bank statements

    • Passport copy with all visa stampings

    • Tax Summary or NOA

    • Degree Copy

    Proof of Relationship:

    • Marriage certificate

    • Wedding pictures

    • Invitation Card

    • Flight tickets for wedding

    • Chat history

    • Spouse Name addition in passport

    • Joint Bank account in India

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