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Spouse Open Work Permit - Need Help

Discussion in 'Foreign Workers' started by Clueless 007, Jun 23, 2019.

  1. Do we need to show proof of funds for SPOUSE OPEN WORK PERMIT - If the sponsor is working on a NOC B job in Canada on a PGWP?

    Experts please do help
  2. Proof of funds is not required for a spouse of a PGWP holder with a NOC O,A and B job.
    You will need his/her job letter stating salary, NOC level, duties etc.
    3 Pay stubs minimum.
    Marriage certificate.
    Copy of the PGWP.

    Are you applying inland or Outland?
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  3. Thanks for your prompt reply bro, really appreciate it.

    It will be an Outland application for my wife, i have seen many posts, in which people are asking to show POF, but there is no correct answer in the website though.
  4. It’s never a bad idea to show proof of funds. It is required if the spouse is on study permit. I would suggest show whatever funds you can as it will be supplementary document and make the case stronger.
  5. Hi Prateek, Thank you for your response as this is also my concern. Is it really true that I don't need to provide proof of funds? For example, I will just show that I have around 4,000CAD on my account? Would it be considered?
    I am on my PGWP with NOC A job and 3 pay stubs already. Thank you
  6. Yes, you are correct. If you hold a NOC A job and pay slips then there is no need for POF. Any funds you show will just add to the strength of your case.
  7. I agree. It is assumed that because, the individual is working they will have sufficient funds. This may not be the case for someone with a student visa. Nonetheless, providing POF will not hurt you.

  8. Thank you Prateek. Can I also ask what if I just applied for PGWP and didn't receive any approval yet. Can I apply for the SOWP for my wife? I didnt apply together with mine coz I just got a job and the pay slips
  9. Unfortunately no, you will need the PGWP in hand before you can apply for SWOP. I’m the mean time, collect other documents. Is your spouse in Canada right now?
  10. No, She is still back home. So I think I really have to wait for my work permit. I will also have to submit conversation and photos of marriage right? We just got married last February 2019
  11. Hi
    I have visitor visa. Is it recommended to go with flagpoling for SOWP with all these documents?
  12. Wouldnt the people working in a eligible NOC job have to show sufficient funds if they recently started the job?
    Majority of workers are now paid bi-weekly. 3stubs is under 3months. Workers are on probation for 3months before getting permanently hired.
    What if the job doesnt work out. There is no guarantee that they will find another job?
  13. Yes, you can flagpole for SWOP with the previously mentioned documents.
  14. If you are working a NOC O, A or B job, then you need to show 3 pay stubs. No amount of funds will replace the requirement of 3 pay stubs. Yes bi-weekly, so 6 weeks not 3 months. It only matters to have the job at the time of application. In theory, you can loose the job within the next day of receiving SWOP. Keeping the job isn’t a requirement.
  15. Hi,
    If I'm an International student on student visa and if I want to apply for the SOWP for my wife, how much funds should I show in POF?
    And when I get a PGWP, can I extend my wife's SOWP?

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