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Spouse open work permit may 2018

Deep Aulakh

Oct 30, 2018
i applied online from canada on 15 october nd 21 nov medical rqt and 24 nov medical done and 29 nov medical approved now no updates.

how much take time to ppr after medical passed.any buddy know this?


Full Member
Sep 23, 2018

I need to apply for Spouse work permit can i have your email id or any whatsgroup created for spouse work permit????

Thanks & Regards,
T Bhargava
Hello all,
I have applied for spouse dependant open work permit. I already have dependant visa. I applied from India and its been approx 70-75 days and I have not received any update. I want to know is there is any way to follow up or just wait .
Also what is the approach used from embassy.Do they share update only when they start looking into the application.
Appreciate suggestions.
Typical wait time is 100+ days.


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Sep 23, 2018
Hi Need Help,

My wife recently she went to canada(study permit) for higher studies , i need to apply for open work permit visa and currently i am not working anywhere resigned from my last company i.e in september month. If i apply for open work permit(canada) without job in india please advise whether it will effects Visa refusal???? or else i need to get job another in india and then go for open work permit????
DO not apply for open work permit from India. Apply for visitor visa and then change status after coming to Canada.


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Jun 18, 2017
applied on August 4 still waiting for update. I do not know why they are taking too much time. I am so worried. They just started reviewing eligibilty one week ago.
SOWP are the lowest priority. Priority goes to the students or workers who are already employed and have a start date. The posted processing time is approx. 15 weeks and I believe that has decreased from 17 weeks.