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Spouse open work permit for March 2018

Discussion in 'Temporary Residence in Canada (Work, Study, Visit)' started by Rigesh lama, Mar 20, 2018.

  1. Qatar applications process says 6 weeks on cic website.....that's why you got it early....anyways happy for you
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  2. Could be, but we waited for 11 weeks tho. So hopefully you will get yours too. Thank you!! :)
  3. Anyone from PH who applied and still in progess?
  4. I applied my husband SOWP on 15th April . got medical request 13th July and after still waiting .. how much after that usually it takes for PPR .. ??
  5. Did you receive visa?
  6. Anyone get reply from applicants of March or April?
  7. Till now people from March and April have not received any response ?This is strange as they say processing time is 10 weeks.I don't understand on what basis they are taking time for processing an application.
    I am from June's month and now I don't know when I will receive response as people from March and April month is stil waiting for the response.
    Hope for the best.
  8. Hi i applied on march 19 .Still no medical request at all.
  9. People applied in May and June are getting PPR
  10. That's good news.Hope to hear soon in my case then.
  11. Hello everyone
    4th September I got PPR for Sowp .
    I was applied from India online application . After applied my file I was again back to Dubai and join my job .
    Some people know that if we are doing job in Dubai we have to submit our passport to H.R .
    Now my company creating problems for me . They are not giving passport to me . They said we need more 20 days to cancel your visa .
    If they will cancel me after 25 days can I submit my passport in Delhi ?
    Any time limit after getting PPR ?
    Pls advice if anybody knows about this .
  12. Applied on July 24th offline, India (submitted medicine and passport along with application), got this message today,

    your processed passport has been dispatched from the Canada Visa Office, on 12 Sep 2018 to the Canada Visa Application Centre.
    You can track the status of your application through our website mentioned below using your tracking number xxxx.

    Don't know the result yet, waiting for passport.
  13. Success on 13/09/2018...Good luck everybody!
  14. Did you got the visa? Congratulations if you got. Can you please share something about your spouse status is Canada? And what are the documents you attached?
  15. Hey mrao24, I applied from india offline at Bangalore on july 26. Where did you apply from? where did you get this messege? On your email? did you link your file to online?

    Please advise. would really appreciate your help.

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