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Spousal Sponsorship Questions - Please Help!

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by KateCarpenter, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Hello,

    My husband (Canadian citizen) and myself (US citizen) are going to submit a spousal sponsorship for my permanent residency in Canada. I am currently living in Canada with my husband on a work permit, which expires April 25, 2020. We were married in October and are currently waiting for our marriage certificate. I have a couple questions regarding our situation:
    1. Should we apply under the Canada Class or Family Class? I believe Canada Class as I am currently living in Canada with my husband, but I have read about others who applied via the Family Class.
    2. If we apply under the Canada Class, how does submitting an OWP application with it work? I am afraid I won't hear back before my work permit expires and then lose my status as a temporary resident. Or is my residency status immediately implied to have an extension upon submitting the OWP?

    I appreciate all information and guidance.Thank you!
  2. 1. You are not required to apply inland just because you are in Canada. You can apply inland or outland. Your choice. No OWP with an outland app.

    2. You include the OWP app with the PR app. It takes 3-4 months after submission to get, so if you apply now, you'll have it before your current permit expires. If it isn't approved before then, you will have Implied Status and can keep working after your current permit expires.
  3. How can I verify that I have Implied Status if I don't receive approval before my current work permit expires?
  4. There is no verification of Implied Status. As long as you apply for an extension BEFORE your current status expires, you have Implied Status while waiting on the decision from the extension app.

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