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SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by TooCareless1, May 19, 2014.

  1. Anyone have any update regarding fbr new rules can't take jewelry from pakistan?
  2. Can you please share the contact details of MP who gave you helpful responses.

  3. wow..thank you for sharing this with us. Unfortunate that it took 16 months! but glad its all over and done with and you'll be reunited soon! Wondering how do you submit passport? do you courier it, or is it online? Ive sponsored my husband and he is in Pakistan waiting, we started dec 2018, and after the medical passed its been quiet..also anyway you can share the MP who helped you?
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  4. A lot of ppl got spousal visa within 5 to 6 case to case vary situations ... you can say mostly not totally...
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  5. thanks for posting this!
  6. Guys ... what is average processing time of LVO for Spouse visa with no dependents ?
  7. Has anyone got their visa within 5-6 months this year?
  8. Very few lucky
  9. Normally 15 months. In some cases more than 18 months.
  10. Very frustrating for newly married couples. Every minute is precious in first 12 months. But IRCC doesn't understand the urge of Pakistan's applicants.
  11. Can some one help me I am very confused today I received an email from Cic regarding my interview they asked to come to London if you want to give interview before the given period of time which is actually six to 12 months. If I choose to give interview in London then how many chances to get London visit visa. Please help me ......
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  12. If you can afford it I suggest that you should go to London for your interview. It is sort of an invitation letter and it's a strong reason so you have 95% chances of getting visa for UK. However I suggest that you should email IRCC about interview in London on the 7th day of receiving this letter. Becoz I got email from IRCC on 5th day in tht email they gave me date of interview after 15 day in Islamabad good luck
  13. Thank u so much glaciergal can I talk to u on what's app this one is my what's app number I want some information 03314240413 my what's app number

  14. Thank you so much glaciergal can u call me on my what's app number 03314240413 i'll be thankful to u
  15. Wow, how can it be like that?! I don’t imagine going to London for interview or anything like it... maybe they just require interview from London, but you can give it in your country?

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