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SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by TooCareless1, May 19, 2014.

  1. GCMS notes takes 30 days to get reply/answer.
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  2. Given all detailed explanation, supporting documents to lawyer, so I guess he will send online in a day or two, deadline is 30th June. I want to sign in for GCKEY account as I've read it gives a detail view of the application/case, but my lawyer gets all emails/info etc. So not sure should I or not.
  3. My Timeline
    Application received - 23rd April 2019
    AOR - 6th June
    SA - 7th June
    BR - 10th June
    MR - 18th June

    Guys i heard that the processing time for Pakistanis takes alot of time. Is that true? Any idea how long will it take after my medical and biometric are done?
  4. It takes average 2 months for your file to be transferred to LVO. Thereafter, please expect a silence of 4 - 6 months. This adds up to the processing timeline, 12 months.
    Please don’t stress yourself out with over-thinking; however, REMAIN positive for bright future.
  5. Present performance tells 6 to 9 months.
  6. Usually more than 12 months.
  7. Hello,

    I'd like to state my case and would want your opinions about it.
    I am a November 2018 applicant. I sponsored my wife from Pakistan. We have had a 10 year relationship prior to nikha and shadi. I have sent in all of our pictures from past 10 years. Right now her medical is done . Medical was done on March 2019 . I was wondering how long will it take? There is no update on Ecas after medical being received.
    Also i i was thinking to call her here on visit visa so she can stay with me until her imigration gets done. Any opinion on that helps too! Thanks
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    Unfortunately she cannot apply for temporary/tourist visit anymore once her spousal application is submitted, it will be denied automatically since she is already in the system and is not allowed by Canada, you may further complicate her spousal application. Majority of Pakistan applicants will be transferred to LVO and take the whole year November 2019 before you hear from them, after medical is completed and passed, the waiting & countdown game begins. Suggestion, do not apply for a tourist/temporary vistor visa for your spouse, you will complicate her application you might be subjected to questioning.
  9. alot of middle east countries that goes through LVO will take up the whole year. stay positive and don't stress.
  10. Feb 2019 and still file is not transferred..i think file transfer for Pakistani applicants is taking more than 6 months.
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    That's totally wrong
    He can apply for temporary visit any time and it's not going to make his file complicated as you said please don't give wrong information about something you don't know.
    I know many people got temporary visa after they applied for PR application, I also know many people from Pakistan their file has been completed in less than a year from LVO.
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  12. In 2017 almost 70 percent application completed within a year but in 2018 average processing time is almost 16 to 18 months
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    please do some research, he applied already for his wife's spousal application, therefore his wife cannot apply for temporary visitor or tourist visa anymore. we are talking about outland application not inland totally different case here. please read his post and do your research especially here theres been thread and discussion about it and highly rejected and waste of time and will complicate things. cheers mate dont say im giving false info and maybe you should read before you say your opinion and give false hope and waste people's time
  14. Its best to ask your lawyer, my cousin applied for her husband visit visa during her spousal application and he was rejected and it stated ‘ your application is already in process for permanent residency, unfortunately your temporary visit visa has been rejected’ but they were the lucky people her husband case was done in 10 months, i am talking about 2016. Every case is different but its good to search and ask.
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    You always have the right to apply for TRV

    You can see in this link and do some more research anywhere you want we also have seen in this site many people got it


    You can also see some people who have been granted the visa last few months in the Facebook group
    SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London
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