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SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by TooCareless1, May 19, 2014.

  1. Average times are still 7-9 months. The goal is to be processed in 12 months. Trust me I know it's hard, but be prepared for 9 months minimum, anything before that is just chance.
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    as every one said 6-9 months but it could be 12 months or more. Not everyone getting spousal immigration in 6-9 months. There are few lucky ones. Not sure what is the criteria but this is what it is. Mine application already done 6 months no word from LVO.
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    I have a question on my gc account they also asked to upload passport which i did and my husband will give it in islamabad for visa was it a mistake uploading passport cause it says visa exempt countries only need to submit passports on gc account please help and let me know thanks
  4. Ours was returned also and took about 22 days for us to get it from the day it was returned. Maybe wait a few more days? All the best.
  5. what i meant to ask was, whats the next step??
  6. what i meant to ask was, whats the next step??
  7. what i meant to ask was, whats the next step??
  8. What is PPR 1 And PPR 2??
  9. There was no need to upload passport copy since you aren't from a visa exempt country. Since you have already submitted passport via VFS, now you just need to wait to get it back with visa stamped.
  10. Okay got that thanks but still is it going to be a problem because i already uploaded the passport too?
  11. No, it won't be an issue.
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  13. wait. if you visit your spouse and want to give evidence of your trip to, or feel you want to upgrade IRCC with additional communication proof send that in, otherwise wait.
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    Im trying to apply for GCMS Notes, what should i select here "What type of record would you like to request?"
    1. Permanent Residence
    2. Family Class, Spouse or Common-Law Partner in Canada Class OR Refugee Sponsorship
    And then
    Status Update of File/Reason for Refusal/Officer's Electronic Notes
    The application, supporting documents and correspondences sent to and/or from IRCC?
  15. 2. Family Class . . .

    choose "electronic notes"
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