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SPOUSAL Sponsorship PAKISTAN @ London Visa Office

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by TooCareless1, May 19, 2014.

  1. Yes they gave me application and reconciliation notice
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  2. Feb 2017 aplicant
    Recieved PPR Jan 18 2018
    Admin please update
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  3. Jan 04, 2018
  4. July 12th my application medical was completed and passed... There has been no update on the file since.. I did visit my husband afterwards. Should I mail my proof without them requesting it?
  5. yes you can send all the proof voluntarily. Mail all docs via courier. Put your file number /uci # on top of envelops so receiver of your envelope know where exactly he or she should hand it over i mean to your VO directly i hope so.
  6. i believe should get ur file back with in one to 2 weeks. Asks CPC-M any tracking #? how they sent it? through canada post? what is CPC-M Canada Post Tracking #. CPC-M should provide you one. Every single day is important for you. Once you receive your file back, then you know what was missing, gather that info and send it back so your file go back to queue. In one day they receive 100s of application so you going behind all those applications / days / weeks / months.
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  7. How will I know they have received my proof will they notify me?
  8. MM345 can u plz suggest me that should i send additional docs through email because i have 300 pictures and 200 pages of communication history ... and today is the last day of my deadline to submit the papers... i already sent doc through fedex...
  9. Yup I had incorrect things and file was sent back trust me it’s a blessing, I submitted in March and was returned then took me untill June :( don’t worry it happens
  10. Of all the countries in the world...why did it have to be Pakistan thats so badnaam...
  11. how u going to email 300 pictures and 200 pages of communication via email? You sent it through FEDEX, did u got confirmation that LVO has received all your documents?
  12. Yeah through online tracking number,, it says ur courier is delivered and sign by marthews at front dest/receptionist ...
  13. The main thing is that i dont know the exact officer who is dealing my case will recieve my additional documents or not...
  14. did u put your file number on top of envelope? OR UCI#? even if not they will open up the envelope and then deliver your documents to the VO who is handling your case. If you want to send your docs via email, what is the guarantee your docs will be deliver to ur VO? and LVO would never confirmed via email that they have received your docs. We all have to presumed that it delivered their via tracking and handed over to VO
  15. Yeah i put the application number on the envelope...

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