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Spousal Sponsorship in-land Applications 2016 timeline and updates

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by 9symmerty, Dec 14, 2015.

  1. I have sent my application on December 7th 2015 and it arrived in Mississauga on December 8th 2015. I will post all the updates to this Forum. Good luck to everyone this 2016 and may God be with us all!!
  2. CIC received my Application on December 10, 2015 so Good luck to everyone! :)
  3. Good news for 2016 applicants! ;D the Open Work Permit pilot project has been extended for another year!
  4. Hi, how many days will CIC deliver my OWP? I saw in Website that they will process it within 96 days? is that true?
  5. 4 months based on the timeline of the applicants that recently received their OWP
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  6. So I think 96 days are not followed by CIC then my gosh they should update that!
  7. It says 96 days Processing time for Open Work Permit (paper application) but it depends on the category you are applying for and Since it's an open work permit under Spousal Sponsorship, you are looking around 4 months.
  8. AOR received today January 08, 2016
    App received December 08, 2015
  9. So fast! Did you receive AOR via sponsor's email?
  10. Yes they sent it thru my sponsor's email. Yes I'm happy and hoping that applicants from September onwards would get their AOR or OWP already because waiting can be really tough and stressfull
  11. In-land Spousal Sponsorship processing is now 25 months :)
  12. that's a good news!!! can you open your ecas now?
  13. Hi! Yes just last night and you?
  14. Hi everyone! I would like to join this group ☺️

    Spousal/Common Law Sponsorship
    Date Submitted: January 4,2016
    Date Received: CPC Missisauga January 5, 2016 via Canada post tracking system

    God bless us All!
  15. Good luck to all of us!!! :) God Bless us all this year!!!

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