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Sponsorship from Ukraine

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by What now?, Nov 10, 2019.

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    This is a wife sponsorship application has been in Sydney, NS for sometime. Recently he received a letter stating they sent the application for further processing to London, England. My question is why? Never heard of this before. The first time the application was sent , it went from Sydney NS to Kiev, Ukraine. The first application was denied.
  2. Visa applications are processed in the country of origin or as close as possible. Spouse application can take up to a year.
  3. Yes, I understand it takes 1 year for sponsorship. My question is my brother sent it from Windsor Ontario and it went to Sydney, Nova Scotia like it did I the first application and then went to the Ukraine. But this second application went to Sydney, Nova Scotia, and they gave noticed that the application went to London, England. Can someone comment on this. Why London, England?
  4. Because they send it to the nearest visa office that has capacity or where the applicant has lived or spent time.

    Has your wife lived in the UK? It is also possible that the visa office at the embassy in Ukraine is overworked or smaller staff due to the war.
  5. No she never lived in the UK, only in Kiev, Ukraine. Yes,that does make sense. Thank you.
  6. Hi
    Your file is not the only case, at rus forum, any people from Ukraine were also sent to the capital of Great Britain))). Do not worry, probably Ukrainian office really overloaded ;)
    And lately London is faster than Kiev. This is good news. Good luck
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    I am from Ukraine and my case was sent to London too. I have never been to the UK though. They could send it because my husband is Indian or some other reasons that Kyiv is not specializing in... It took a bit less than one year for me))) application decision was made in London, but then request for passport came from Kyiv. Within the next 2 days after submitting my passport in kyiv I had visa in my passport and copr.
    Far from home, I know ;) good luck to you!
  10. Thank you for information.
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  12. Thank you for your information. I have another questions for you. Did you have to go for an interview in kyiv before you got your passport and Visa ? Did they charge you more money to have this done?
  13. We didn’t have relationship interview. And they usually do not call for it unless you have some red flags and you didn’t address them properly in the application.

    To submit my passport- yes, I did go to Kyiv to VAC’s office. I think it’s possible to do it through courier or something, but I wanted to do it myself to make sure all is well right with photos and all. Submitted passport there and just paid for intime return services (probably 350 uah), so they sent it back to me within two days. Whole process from submitting my application in Sydney to getting passport back in my hands with visa took 11 months and 3 weeks. That was all:)
  15. Thank you once again for being very helpful for clarifying this.

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