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Sponsoring again? New spouse refugee in Italy

Discussion in 'Family Class Sponsorship' started by jcruicks, Jul 15, 2019.

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    I sponsored my current spouse 6 years ago and we are now separated but not yet divorced. It could take a while. I have a boyfriend who is from Ivory Coast but living as a refugee in Italy. He has a full time job is a cook and has his own apartment. I want him to come visit me but he says that Italy won’t let him back in if he leaves to come visit me and i year it’s unlikely that cic will grant him a visitor visa.
    Another option is to sponsor him but I don’t know how long my divorce will take as there is property is involved. I also have a one year old and I can’t take him out of the country without his dads permission. I receive disability from the government and if I leave Canada to go live in Italy, I won’t receive disability anymore
    And I require medications that I could not afford in Italy. I’m wondering if these are enough barriers to qualify for conjugal? I can’t sponsor him as commonlaw because he can’t leave Italy without losing his status.
  2. Unfortunately he is unlikely to receive a visa to enter Canada. Has he received asylum status?

    No your situation does not qualify you for conjugal. You receiving disability and not being able to afford medication in Italy is not an immigration issue preventing you from being together. If you do get married after your divorce I would anticipate quite a lot of scrutiny of your marriage. Did you meet online? How many times have you met in person and for how long? Disability does not prevent you from sponsoring a spouse but your financial status will be looked at very carefully to see if you can afford to support another person. It also sounds like your bf doesn’t have longterm status in Italy so there will be concern that he is seeking PR in Canada.
  3. We met online and I’ve been to visit him twice in the past year for two weeks at a time . We talk on the phone all the time and have constant contact and photos together.
    I can’t spend tons of time abroad with him because I have a toddler in Canada who needs me. Nonetheless, my boyfriend and I have tons of proof of our relationship. His asylum status in Italy just keeps renewing so it is permanent.

  4. His status wouldn’t be considered permanent unless he would be able to remain in Italy without any renewals. You will have to sort out your divorce before you’ll be able to get married and sponsor him. His chances of getting a visa to visit Canada given his status in Italy are very low. I assume he doesn’t own any property and likely doesn’t have significant savings. It is very well known that asylum seekers, or even those who have been granted temporary permission to remain in Italy, do not want to stay in Italy. Given that you met online and have not spent much time in person there will be a lot of scrutiny about your relationship. The best thing you both can do while you wait until you get a divorce is save as much money as possible, return to work if possible, visit each other again, keep records of all these visits and contact. I would just encourage you to be careful. Many men and women have thought they were in loving relationships even though others were concerned and the relationship fell apart once they arrived in Canada. Many are now responsible for paying back the welfare that their spouses are living on.

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