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spleen removed

Discussion in 'Health' started by junewilkie, Dec 18, 2013.

  1. hi getting worried. i had my spleen removed over 12 years ago and have been fine since. I now have to go for a medical for immigration purposes in Canada. Will this make me inadmissible? it was removed after i took ill in pregnancy. Once my baby was born they tested me for every illness possible but nothing came back. As my platelets were low they decided that the meds were not helping, so they removed my spleen. Soon after everything went back to normal and here has been no further issues.

    please advise me worried uk citizen.
  2. Under which class are you applying?
  3. Sir i am applying for student visa....i also have my spleen removed,plz tell me is there any problem i have to face in my medical test..
  4. Unless you have a chronic disease that caused you to have your spleen removed then no having your spleen removed shouldn’t be an issue.
  5. My platelets were low thats why doctor removed my spleeen..bcz medicine were not helping...
  6. So you did have some form of disease/blood irregularities. Not sure if you were given a name for your disease and whether it has resolved after your spleen was removed. It will be dependent on whether the disease has resolved and your blood levels are back to normal. Plus the cost of any treatments or potential treatments.

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