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SOWP or Visitor VISA? Urgent, Pls help

Discussion in 'International Students' started by khushboosingh, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. I have applied for a student permit for Fall 2019. My application is in process.

    In parallel, we also applied for a spouse open work permit for my husband and visitor visa for my daughter. My husband's visa has been rejected on these counts:

    Eligibility of a work permit in this category only applies to the spouse of a work permit holder under National Occupational Classification skill levels 0, A & B
    Section 205 c ii of the Regulations

    My question is:

    Since I'm in the process of obtaining a student permit, should we have applied for a visitor visa for him instead, and then applied for a SOWP in Canada?

    Will appreciate advice from others and their experience.
  2. You applied for a SOWP before you got your study permit? That's why it was denied.

    Read the eligibility criteria and the guide here. Also note that SOWPs aren't guaranteed.

  3. What was the timeline for his refusal? I heard someone else get this exact same reason recently as well. I also applied for my spouses OWP along with my study permit. We are at day 92 and still waiting.
  4. We applied on 8 July...
  5. Wow! Are you from India?
  6. I know it's unbelievable! I'm a US citizen, my spouse is Indian. We are living in India at the moment.
  7. How much it should take?
  8. Your husband should apply for SOWP not a TRV because he isn’t a temporary visitor he wants to live in Canada. In general it is best to submit study permit first and then apply for SOWP and TRV for any children. Applying for both at the same time really slows down the process. Just a reminder that permits/visas are not guaranteed for families of international students.

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