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Soft Landing Toronto Checklist Help

Discussion in 'Permanent Residence in Canada' started by movecanada2019, Oct 9, 2019.

  1. Hi Guys,

    I have some questions about the soft landing that my wife and I are doing in November 2019 at Toronto (YYZ) from San Francisco. However, we will be permanently moving in March 2020. After reading several threads here, I have got answers to many of our questions but still confused about few on our situation. Please assist.

    1.While filling the bsf186 forms for goods to follow/ arrive, there is a question for classification. Considering the nature of our soft landing and permanent move later in 2020, should I complete information as a former resident, beneficiary, seasonal resident or settler?

    2. Is it okay to create excel sheet for the detailed list of items and then putting consolidated groups in the bsf186 forms?

    3. I'm landing in the morning hours at YYZ on a weekday, is Service Canada office will be open for SIN registration at the airport?

    4. For proof of funds, do I need to carry letters from all banks accounts in India or US if I plan to transfer money to Canadian bank account from them in future?

    5. Shall we open any bank accounts during our one week stay and deposit some funds? Will it help in having/ filling the tax return with zero income in Canada but only foreign income for this year?

    6. Are these documents enough for the first landing- Passport, CoPR (2 copies), POF letters, BSF186 forms, medical exam report, police verification report, employment verification letter, IELTS score and WES evaluation? Did I miss anything?

    Thank you for the support!
  2. 1. Sertler
    2. Yes. Many people create a spreadsheet.
    3. yes it should.
    4. A bank statement is fine. Can be in any currency. If needed you can offer to log into online banking as well.
    5. There is no need to file tax returns this year. Up to you whether you want to open a bank account. I would minimize any connection to Canada until you want to become a tax resident.
    6. Yes you are over prepared. Won’t look at most of it. For such a big thing it is pretty quick and easy.
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  3. If you are only landing to declare PR, then you dont have to do your goods to folliw list at the same time, you only need to do that when you later 'land as settler'. See here


    Also YOU do not need tp complete BS 186, tgey do that, you only need a listing of items (2 copies) with CAD values per item (or group of items). They clip this to the front sheet of their BS186 (read the link).
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  4. Thank you @canuck78
  5. Thank you for inputs @Hurlabrick .

    However, what I keep reading is that there isn't anything called soft landing for IRCC. So I would have to declare goods to follow list at the time of first landing.

    Is it okay to tell officer that we will be arriving early next year as a settler and will provide the goods to follow list at that time and fill no bsf186 forms/ excel spreadsheet this time?

    Also, would appreciate your opinion on opening a bank account for credit history at soft landing, recommended or not?
  6. Not correct. Sure, 'soft landing' is a not an official term. The official terms are 'landing to declare PR only' (aka 'soft landing') which means that is ALL you want to do on this occasion as you are NOT 'landing as settler' (the official CBSA term that recognises that you are landing for good and want to declare goods to follow etc. It is all there in the links on the link I provided you. So in oiher words, you either 'land to declare PR ONLY' (soft landing to activate your CoPR0, OR you land BOTH to 'declare PR' AND to 'land as settler'.

    Yes, that is what I am saying. It is of course up to you, if you already KNOW precisely what you will and will not be bringing. nothing to stop you doing both on your first occasion of landing. Note that all YOU need to provide when you 'land as settler' is two copies of a list of items with values for 'goods accompanying and goods to follow - perfectly fine for these to be Excel print, CBSA fill in the BS186 and staple a copy of your forms to them.

    I don't see how you can build credit history without running transactions. Good idea to get a SIN and open a bank account, so you have one that you can transfer money to in advancde of your final landing., That is certainly what we did.
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  7. @Hurlabrick Thank you for the explanation. I read your link and now I think it makes sense to declare goods to follow once we arrive later next year as a settler.

    However, I would like confirm that there wouldn’t be any issue for officer to send PR card at my relative house on this trip when I’m only coming to declare PR? Since I’m only going live there for a week and the card usually arrives after 4 weeks.

    Second, is it okay to have my PR card to be mailed out by my relatives in Canada to my US residence?

    Third, do I have to follow the same immigration process after landing at the airport as a settler later? At that time show my PR card instead of COPR to get my goods to follow stamped and later collect them from the customs closest port as discussed with movers?

    Thank you
  8. It depends how he asks you and how you phrase the reply! He will ask for you address in Canada, give him your relatives address. He may then ask if you will be there for a few weeks...…. I gave them a 'white lie' on my soft landing and said 'yes', that was the end of his questions and he entered that address for the PR card to be sent to. Some officer may say 'if you are not there for a few weeks, you will have to notify us of your address when you land next time...… meaning you would have to go through the PRTD rigmarole. Your call!

    I suggest you phrase that to the CBSA officer as 'your address in Canada until you find somewhere permanent..... But yes, that is what we did.

    No. You misunderstand the process. You delare PR ONCE and ONCE only. When you later 'land as settler' you MUST travel and land on either your PR Card OR a PRTD, your stamped copy CoPR is of no use to anyone getting on the plane. You MUST tell them CBSA officer at the border that you are now 'landing as settler' (use those words), he will then direct you to secondary where they would deal with your GTA / GTF lists and you go through the distinct 'land as settler' process.
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  9. I appreciate the clarification. Now just to streamline the thoughts. During soft landing, after reaching YYZ the immigration officer will ask for my details including CoPR, POF and address. I'll provide my relative address and if they ask for GTF/ GTA list then I can say that I'm here to declare PR ONLY. Now soft landing is complete and I'll get my COPR second copy stamped in return. I'll skip going to second officer for getting the GTF list stamped since I've no goods lists.

    Based on your last comments "You MUST tell them CBSA officer at the border that you are now 'landing as settler' (use those words), he will then direct you to secondary where they would deal with your GTA / GTF lists and you go through the distinct 'land as settler' process"

    I would like to understand that is it okay to arrive by land or air (you mentioned border) at any city (could be different city from the one for soft landing, Vancouver instead of Toronto) for permanent move as a settler? to get GTA/ GTF stamped?

    I would like to use the same stamped list to get my GTF and follow the process for movers as mentioned in your link.

    Thank you
  10. Read about landing as pr here


    You can land at any air, land or sea port. The other link I already gave you also describes the shipping and picking up process. Suggest you have a thorough read.
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  11. I read your shared link on PR landing. As mentioned in the "Goods to Follow" section (quoted below), would you recommend creating GTA/ GTF lists as a backup on soft landing at Toronto??

    " HOWEVER, some CBSA officers seem unaware that a person can 'land to declare PR' on one trip, then later 'land as a settler' and declare good on a later trip, so they will require that you submit your Goods to Follow list at the same time as you land. So even though you officially don't need it, and likely won't be asked for it, it is a good idea to make a best guess and keep it with you just in case you are required to present it."

    We don't know right now what city (most likely Vancouver/ Toronto), we will be going as a permanent settler later. Our preference is not to create a list right now since we don't know how much stuff we would like to take along. Also at the same time don't want to take any chances.

    Thank you!
  12. Entirely up to you!

    If you do not have them with you on a soft landing and the CBSA officer insists this is your 'one and only chance' he is quite simply wrong! You can dispute this and ask for his Supervisor and if they still insist, you can land without GTA and GTF and raise a complaint on the CBSA on-line website. I know of one person that did this successfully recently, they came back within 24 hours and apologised. Just print out the response and if necessary show it to the CBSA officer when you do ultimately land as settler.

    But as I say, if you already KNOW what you will be bringing, you can do it all in one landing now - entirely your decision!
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  13. Got it. Thank you for the valuable suggestions. I think it's difficult to make GTF/ GTA lists right now. Will do it later once landing as a permanent settler.

    Any recommendation on opening an account with a particular bank?? Good for newcomers and popular across Canada since we don't know our destination city yet. Also with minimal monthly maintenance and incoming international transfer fees.

    Will it also be beneficial in opening separate bank accounts or just have one joint account on soft landing?

    Thank you!
  14. As I mentioned before you want to minimize you ties to Canada to remain a non-resident. If you insist on opening a bank account only open one.
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