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Social Workers 4152, Applied already/going to apply!

Discussion in 'Skilled Worker / Professional Immigration' started by nashe_31, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. Dear All,

    NOC 4151
    Visa received on May 8
  2. Hi seniors/Mandie

    I have been working in govt Ngo for past six years as a coordinator.I hold a BSW/MSW degrees and planning to apply under 4152,but since the cap reached i have to wait till 1 july.My question is do credential assessment is mandatory before filing my application or i can check my credential once i filed my application .I just want to make sure about this credential assessment process as i have all my documents ready and since i missed the boat this time around I want to make sure i file my application as soon as new rule comes up...thanks in advance
  3. @ Jonas,
    Credential assessment is likely to become a requirement for the application from July. Carefully follow this link:

    Go to the CASW website and read about the assessment process.
  4. Hey Everybody.

    Nice to meet you guys.. I have applied in 4152 Category..

    My ECAS status show the following. M desperate to have some good / positive updates..

    l1. We received your application for permanent residence on November 15, 2011.
    2. We started processing your application on February 28, 2012.
    3. Medical results have been received.
    4. RPRF cleared on april 24, 2012.

    When should I expect my passport with mapple leaf.
  5. which is ur VO ? AND UR IELTS SCORE ?
  6. Visa Office: New Delhi
    IELTS : 7 Bands.
  7. Applicants at Londons Office :( and :-\ and :'( and :eek: and :mad:
  8. hi mandie..i applied caips through Kanamen
    n i m so thankful to him for his support
    my due date is 16 august 2012
    is it review date of expected medical period?
  9. Not necessarily. it is the date VO will open your file again, and maybe ask for doc update or even MR. They might not even do anything, just put another date on it.
  10. hi zeenat,

    in ur caips note,what all steps completed?...security and criminality check started or completed?

    if it is completed ,then in ur due date,u can expect medicals ......or have to wait it to be completed....



  11. dear annmarry
    its not started yet.
  12. Dear Mandie and all member who have applied under NOC 4152,

    I have been browsing through the forum and finally came across this thread specifically made for NOC 4152 applicants. I appreciate the hard work put in by the seniors in regularly updating with news and information.

    Please go through my case below:

    1)My ECAS status shows "We received your application for permanent residence on Sepember 30, 2011." since 23 dec 2011.


    3)2nd AOR-20/01/2012

    Please advice/suggest how much more time I should expect a reply from NDVO and in which form it will be.

    Thanks in advance

  13. hi, today my ecas has been updated 'medical results have been received'
    should i read it as 'medical approved' ;)
    how long normally it takes from this to ppr1
    comments friends
  14. Hi,
    Timelines are unpredictable, but as your visa office is one of the fastest, I believe it won't be long before you get updates.
    All the best.
  15. Congratulations Bro, and wish u best of luck for the future...

    U got it pretty fast..

    Cheers ;D


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