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Skilled workers in Manitoba (MPNP) Forum 2017

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by MrBlackandWhite, Mar 23, 2017.

  1. This Stream is for only Skilled workers in Manitoba MPNP candidates 2017. Lets talk about what`s going on with our applications.
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  2. Not sure what will be going with new system in April, no hope ...
  3. if you dont have a job offer or any friend / relative in Manitoba, just forget about it
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  4. My friend got invited in Oct 2016 (Draw 22 I think), and applied in the beginning of November.

    Her title is a cook, but the application status is still "Received" after 5 months.

    Anyone else applied in similar timeline and got nominated already or application's status changed to Processing or Pending?
  5. Your friend is inland or outland?
  6. My friend is inland. She studied in MB and current working in MB as well.

    You know anyone in similar timeline that you can share? Thanks!
  7. This time the processing is slow. My friend is inland and applied in the early of 2016 and it took only 3 months to get the nomination.
    Anyway, good luck to your friend.
  8. Will start my EOI on the end of april 2017. I'm collecring documents but I have a problem regarding settlement funds. My mom, dad and other member of our familiy will give me money and some will just be borrowed for showing that I reached the minimum requirements for settlement funds. I will open bank acct this month for this settlement funds (after 2 yrs of having no bank acct) As I read, it must be on going movement on bank acct, stating series of withdrawals and deposits. What am I gonna do? For them not to doubt my bank statement
  9. Thanks for your info sharing!
  10. if anyone apply so whatsapp me at 2045576240. Any whatsapp group just for inland
  11. Any update on Draw 26?
  12. Hi all,

    Can anyone guide me how to apply for manitoba provincial nomination program?
    Do I have to wait for it to open like other provinces or i can apply it anytime?

  13. Hello Jabbar,

    You do not have to wait to apply, you can apply at anytime. Firstly you have to submit an Expression Of Interest(EOI) on MPNP website. Then wait to get a Letter of Advice to Apply(LAA) to upload all the required document. However, with the new law in place as of May 15th 2017, MPNP now charges $500 non refundable application fee for Skilled workers. Note that the application fee is after you get the LAA, you do not need to pay for EOI, Expression of Interest is free.

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  14. Not at all. Hopefully with the $500 application fee, all backlogs in the system will be taken care of.
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  15. Firstly are you inland or outland?

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