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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by ksn4u, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Hi. I'm applying for Saskatchewan PNP. They are asking to upload docs like education credentials. Will you please confirm either I have to upload ECA report or educational transcripts. Please confirm me once.
  2. Upload everything, certificates, transcripts, ECA reports.
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  3. I applied for SINP Student Subcategory. I just uploaded a copy of my Degree
  4. if you submit you application before 1 April then ECA is not required for OID stream, after that ECA is required for OID and EE both.
    Education certificates are must for all streams before or after 1 April.

  5. I am applying SINP EE. My NOC Code is 2173. How can I get the licence for the stream I am working? Also I have another query, I am filling all the details for SINP profile creation, my funds are not up to the balance required. If I add funds to my account before I complete submitting my profile will that be sufficient or I need to complete my profile after maintaining 3 months of funds in my account?
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  6. For licence check sinp website.. you need to maintain 3-6 months fund at the time of applying..however account can be created any time.
  7. If Visa is refused by Immigration office due to lack of submission of required spouse documents . Is SINP still valid and can we re apply for immigration to immigration office with new fee and application but same SINP nomination of 2014?Any body who has knowledge ,please guide
  8. Please add me to SINP WhatsApp group
  9. PL
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  11. 00917869332461
  12. License is not required for NOC 0911. I am Mechanical Engineer and If apply in this NOC, so do they raise query for license because of my engineering ?
  13. Please add me SINP group
  14. Hi I’m a newbie here would you share to me the website you apply in Saskatchewan PNP thanks

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