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SINP Student Subcategory connect here

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by anton1990, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Hello Everybody,

    Please share your timeline here

  2. Here is my timeline:
    Canadian Province: Saskatchewan
    Category: Student Sub Category
    Noc: 2171
    Application Submitted for SINP: 14 Apr 2016
    SINP Nomination On: 21 Apr 2016
    Application Received to CIC: May 9, 2016
    AOR Date: 11 July 2016
    RPRF letter: 4 Nov 2016
    RPRF payed and uploaded receipt: 7 Nov 2016
    Courier Service Used: Canada Post

    I am waiting for med request
  3. Your nomination is pretty fast.
    I applied under existing work permit, and submitted application on 30, Dec 2016. In process the next day, now still in process.
  4. Hi

    thanks for reply

    Can you share your timeline?

    It is fast, but the overall process takes up to 15months while EE takes like 6 months. SINP student subcategory they make me go non-express entry way
  5. Hey guys

    Do CIC usually ask for like paystubs after PR submission? Or is that all done by SINP and they don't have to ask for it? Just want to be prepared.....
  6. Hello!

    I wanna share mine :)

    Here is my timeline:
    Canadian Province: Saskatchewan
    Category: Student Sub Category
    Noc: 5241
    Application Submitted for SINP: 4 June, 2016
    SINP Nomination On: 14 July, 2016
    Application Received to CIC: August 29, 2016
    AOR Date: 11 Dec 2016
    RPRF letter: 10 Jan 2017
    RPRF paid and uploaded receipt: 10 Jan 2017
    Courier Service Used: Canada Post
  7. Hello

    I am pretty sure CIC does not ask but i showed my paystubs to SINP

  8. Hello Ellained

    I am happy there is at least one more person who applied SINP student subcategory

    I like your timeframe. If u look at mine and yours look close by dates and both of us waiting for med reques.

    I will add u to buddy list

    keep me updated if u here med request

    Have a nice day

  9. Hi Anton,

    For sure :D and Thank You. Hopefully, we get med. request sooner than we think!
  10. I thought application with job letter should be very quick.
    i applied also with a sinp job approval letter..
    although in process next day of my application, but until now three weeks still in process.
    and no docs requested

    hope i can get my nomination soon...

    good luck to you all guys in your cic processing
  11. And @anton1990 i have a suggestion
    i think you may change the title to 'sinp with job letter application'
    because student, existing work permit and international worker with job offer all need the sinp job approval letter
    which means sponsored by employer
    personal think the processing procedures may be similar
    so this may increase applicants here and share the experience together

  12. It depends actually....for me my post graduate work permit was about to expire and SINP issued me nomination in 2 weeks because of it. I submitted it on September 29 and got nomination 2 weeks before my work permit expired.
  13. My work permit will expire in 7 months , at the end of August. Do you think I can use this excuse to ask them to fasten my case? Maybe not, still 7 months....
  14. Hi sasakaka,

    thanks for your valuable feedback

    funny to say, do u know how to change title? i searched everything on page, not too much.

    Please let me know

  15. Hey Wonderland,

    I my case it is totally different. I had a lot of time on PGWP, but just took 1 week for SINP letter
    I might be wrong but it might be based on intake. More applicants might effect the processing time



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