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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by dejavu99, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. Dear everyone, SINP requirement proof of employment is - letter of reference -
    Pls add comments, im working in this company since 2006 i can provide the documents needed from this company - going back to the previous employer before 2006 would be necessary ?

    Submit letters of reference and proof of employment for each job position you have listed for the point assessment grid. Letters of reference from your Supervisor or Human Resources Officer must be printed on company letterhead.

    Each letter of reference should indicate the following:

    • Your job position and dates of employment;
    • Your main duties and responsibilities*;
    • The number of hours you worked each week;
    • A brief company description (nature of the business, industry and operations);
    • The name, signature and direct contact information of your supervisor or manager (including email address matching the company domain and telephone number); and
    • The physical location of the company.
  2. Since September, they request three more documents to approve the employment and at least one of them must be issued by the government.
  3. Would you mind going through this once again? Thanks.
  4. I am just wondering if ICT work permit, Business Visa or Visitor Visa can be shown as proof of employment? Any idea?
  5. If your permit was mentioned with the employer details, then yes you can show that as supporting document to your proof of employment. Reference letter from employer serves as a primary proof of employment.
  6. Ok, thanks

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