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SINP - Program Integrity and Legislation Unit (PILU)

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by SMani, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. I was contacted by an officer from Sinp (PILU).. He wanted me to respond to his email by March 20th..
    Prove that your reference letters from employers are genuine, given by employer without any bias.

    I have proved myself by showing the email trail between me and my employers (screen snapshots),
    Have any of you faced such situations. Any hope of nomination

    Oct 4th 2016 OID applicant, InProcess since 18th October
  2. Hi,

    I also received a mail on 11th Oct from SINP Program Integrity Unit asking for more details on my employers. I did send them email with all information on 13th Oct. But my problem is that I am already a COPR holder and landing in couple of weeks in Canada...still they are asking all this from me! I dont understand why. Ofcourse I never withdrew my SINP application after getting ITA and COPR but still...they should know it right? I mean...my EE profile number they have in the application so automatically they would know that this candidate has got the COPR. Still why are they harassing us like this I dont understand!

    Now what should I do?! Just wait & watch or what?!

    Extremely frustrating situation!
  3. Where is your July 2016 SINP application? In which situation? Is it still in process of Nomination? As far as I know not a single person left from that batch. Means they put your application on hold position. But why they are talking so late about that?
    Is SINP has power to Cancel your Visa by informing IRCC?
  4. One more question. What are the poets of PILU?
    Are they also ask for papers to post nominated Applicants?
  5. This was my second SINP application which shows "Received Date" 14-Feb-2017 in the Oasis login and the Application Status is "In Process".

    When I received my ITA on 22nd Feb, I logged into it and at that time the status was "Application Received". When I asked my agent to withdraw that application, he denied saying its not required and that SINP will automatically know from your EE profile that you have been nominated and they will close your file. So I didnt do anything about it. Now they have arose and started sending letters to all SINP applicants for more information on work experience. Not that I have anything to hide or false...so I gave all the information. But my question is:-

    1) Why now?
    2) Why me when I already told them I have COPR. Doesnt that mean...my file has been verified and cleared by CIC? What more proof they need?
    3) What do I do next? I sent them mail on Friday. Its Tuesday here and I am landing in couple of weeks...so do i call them or mail them again and ask for update or do I just let it be and land there?!

    Totally confused!
  6. Hi @DiNaV I am absolutely in same situation as of yours. Do you have any update yet?
    I am at COPR. I heard they can cancel our PR if they reject our documentation. Shall we wait for their update to land? its frustrating.
  7. You should wait til you get a response back from SINP before you land. What did they ask from you?
  8. They have mailed in the first week of October, I have submitted all docs around 15th Oct. Then after no update from them. Yesterday I mailed them for status. Let's see.
  9. Email from PIU for the proof of the employment they ask you to reply within 10 days.
    They say if you:
    don’t reply them= suspension of 2 years from SINP
    Farud information = they will share this with federal govt. and other PNP programs
    The question is even if you provide them all the document ps they take ages to clear your application. In my scenario I have a done my ielts again and now I have better CRS score and expecting my file to easily get through open ITA.
    I am confused should I reply to PIU or not with my employment proof. What may go wrong in both scenario?

    NOTE: I requested them for the withdrawal of my SINP file but they are not doing so as the email from PIU is already sent to me. Kindly help as I don’t have much days to respond
  10. That is very powerful organization. You have to satisfy them first.
  11. They are indeed very powerful..but if you read the mail send by PIU they have quoted exactly the same that fraud cases will be reported to other Canadian govt. organisation, further will be banned for 5 years. Where else if you don’t reply within 10 days to PIU, it will result in suspension from SINP. So my take is getting suspension from one province is better than being band for 5 years from entering Canada. At least one have a scope for open ITA if CSR score is good.
  12. May I know your timeline please?
    You didn't tell anything about your situation.
  13. Hi guys,

    Just wanted to update you in this matter about my case. An officer from Sinp (PILU) contacted by mail the two references I had given. They had to confirm that I worked in their organization, from this to this period, my roles & responsibilities and my designation during my tenure there. Which they did. This was around first week of December. After that, nothing from SINP and then I checked my OASIS account today and it shows status "Application withdrawn" :). Its a relief I must say! But what I am surprised is that I did not get any application withdrawal mail.
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  14. They don't send email about withdrawal. Only update in Oasis account.
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  15. Hey, thanks buddy.
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