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SINP - online application

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by tran, Apr 20, 2010.

  1. http://www.saskimmigrationcanada.ca/

    "The provincial government launched the website this month. It provides a central, comprehensive source of information about immigration, including how to apply through the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program -- the only program that allows people to submit their applications online, as well as track the status of their applications on the website."
  2. hi..

    where I track my application..

    give me the accurate link
  3. http://www.leaderpost.com/entertainment/music/Wayne+album+still+label+insists/2420132/Saskatchewan+immigration+website+first+Canada/2923364/story.html?id=2923364
  4. hey

    i have just sent my application to the CIC office in London as i have been nominated by SINP ? HOW LONG Cic TAKEs FOR THE DECISION ? does it mean that i will be getting the visa by CIC AS well because i have already been nominated ? please help .
  5. i've seen the SINP online application site and have tried building my profile.

    however, i'm not clear how you exactly upload your SINP and Federal forms in the site (I assume it should be scanned and/or converted to *.pdf and then uploaded).

    note what the guide says that Federal forms needs to be "original" forms when you submit your application through postal mail-- so what's the rule then for the online site?
  6. Hello, here is my two cents:

    When filling the application for each member you have to creat a document, click on creat document on the lower right of the page. Upon creating it, select the type and attach the required info or doc that you have already scanned on your pc. You will see an option for the required document to be upload, follow it to the letter if the document has many pages, number then and keep going under the same file/ page.
    Keep copies separated by individual on folders on your pc plus the original documents you have or downloaded to be used. Some documents such as federal forms allows you to fill then online and then print NOT TO SAVE IT, print it and then scan it to your pc as many times or documents needed, this is a way to keep control of every documented used and submited by you.
    Documents from SK DO NOT ALLOW you to fill it online, so download it, fill it by hand or other means then scan it to pc and then submit it :'(

    If you notice the online application gives guidance or info using an old method, reason for the confusion. No original document needed at this point neither does photografs or police records (except if you or anyone on the appication had a problem), all original docs, will be required and presented at later date.

    Be VERY patient and have faith, make sure you don't miss any info or document. You can log in and log off as many times to edit or add info as long you DO NOT CLICK SUBMIT.

    Good Luck :D
  7. Hi everbody,

    I am just starting the SINP process under the International Skill Worker - Employment Offer. I create my profile on their site and was trying to get trough the first step.. but it is asking to have at least 24 month of SK work experience... but for this (or neither of them) stream is not necessary, so I can't start the application... Did it happen to any of you? How did you solve it?


  8. Hi Guys,

    I am bachelor of technology in Electrical but work experience of more than 4.5 years in IT field as an analyst. Age-26. I got S-6, W-6.5, L-8, R-7.5 in IELTS. My express entry profile was created last year 01-09-2015 in NOC 2173 and its showing 370 points. Do i need to recreate another profile keeping this also ?
    Also, can i apply for SINP, or let me know if am eligible to apply for any other province like OINP ??

    Thanks a lot in advance.
  9. Hi all
    Myself M.imran from Pakistan and i m interested in SINP with family i m new in this process so please guide me how can i will apply and where i will start means first step and i have General overall 5 band in IELTS General and professional cook which is NOC B. My email imr32us@gmail.com
    Skype id " imr32us "
    Viber whatsapp imo
    Cell number 00923235132315

    Please help me.

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