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Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by Sajithvkl, Jun 4, 2018.

  1. I applies SINP OID stream on jan 2 2018 and i received the receipt and application acceptance letter in twodays. Since then there is no updates from them. Is this ok? Please help
  2. Can you kindly give me link where you applied? I wants to see it and apply in future.
  3. #masimshehzad, i applied through a consultant.
  4. EVERYTHING is ok in love and ...............SINP PNP. Hope they reply us soon.
  5. Hi!

    Could you please guide if it is necessary to get points in Factor II of SINP OID? Could I apply if I have no ties with Saskatchewan?
  6. yes. you can
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  7. Dear Members,

    I am bit confused about SINP and SINP OID. Kindly guide me.

    I know SINP and my understanding is that you can apply in it only After you submit your express entry profile. OASIS is the system that I used to apply for SINP.

    About SINOP OID, my understanding is different. I learned that I can apply in SINP OID even without filing Express entry as its a totall different stream. IS that correct? IF that is correct, then its submission must be different than OASIS system? Is that correct? Can you please tell me where should I file application for SINP OID? I know OASIS already but I think OASIS is not for it.

    Please guide.

  8. SINP has 2 sons,
    EE is a good boy and OID is little weak.

    All other things are same for both.
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  9. For Sinp EE
    Create EE profile -> create oasis profile (it will ask if you have EE profile - select Yes) -> nomnation will be issued in EE profile - take 6-8 months for PPR post nomination.

    For Sinp OID
    Select no for question -if u have ee profile -> upon nomination u have to courier all the documents to CIC- take 14 to 18 months for PPR after nomination.
    Occupation in demand is same for both stream. Difference is OID stream take more time but you can apply if you do not have 6 band in each module.
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  10. Ashu and Ramni . thanks a lot. I am obliged
  11. Hi Guys,

    kindly excuse my ignorance, I am trying to apply for the nomination of BC.

    I have done accounting from Australia & my wife is an dentist.

    Can we apply for Province Nomination?

    I have been working as s fulltime employee for a year.

    Do you guys suggest us to got for BC or some other province?

    My wife's uncle is a citizen in Toronto.

    I have a friend in Alberta & British Colombia.

    What options do you guys reckon I have?


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