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SINP nominated and waiting for a baby

Discussion in 'Provincial Nomination Program Immigration' started by sshehab, Mar 10, 2017.

  1. Hi all ,
    I was nominated by Saskatchewan in OID category and sent my papers to CIC and got the first AOR today , my question is my wife expected to deliver in April 17 , i need to know what are the procedures to add my new baby to our application but in details please .

    Appreciate your help
  2. First inform SINP about this. Read your AOR letter carefully, you will get everything about informing CIC.
  3. Once the baby is born try to get Passport within a few days and send it to CIC to be included
  4. SINP stating clearly this "The SINP will not revise your certificate of nomination to reflect a change in family composition (i.e. new child, change in marital status)."
  5. Send them Hard copy or soft copy , also do i need to change the Generic form and send it again ?
  6. Not for this issue. It's natural. You have to send passport and inform. Send an email and ask them to Immigration@gov.sk.ca
  7. Hi Sshehab,
    Congratulations for SINP Nomination ?
    Do you mind sharing your timeline, NOC and process of obtaining relevant certification (if any). ?
    Do let me know.
  8. Hi @sshaheb ... i am in same situation.. plz guide and share your experience..

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